Hey DJ, Bring That Boat Back

In an unexplained U-Turn the Balearic Government has announced tough new measures to stop, board and search Ibiza’s Party Boats whilst at sea. Throughout the winter and low season we have been reporting the pressure being brought to bare on the Government by Environmental groups and private individuals who want the party boat business to be more heavily regulated and severely punished for what they see as the party boat sector flouting those laws that do currently govern their activity. Until the announcement this week, which made the national midday news on Spanish TV, there seemed to be every indication the operator’s own code of practice would be given an opportunity to demonstrate to the Government that it is able to put it’s own house in order.
The Government seemed to take a complete change of direction but gave no indication as to why. They did say that they will carry out inspections on the firms operating Party Boats around the coasts of the islands. The boats will be inspected by the marine authorities, the employment authorities and the Guardia Civil when they are at sea and the party is in full swing. Checks will include:-
whether the boat’s papers are up to date and legal
that the company is up to date with tax commitments
that the legal passenger capacity is respected
that all workers on board are legal and insured.
Complaints about noise affecting neighbours living by the coast will also be investigated and appropriate action taken.
There are sixty firms in the Balearic Isles using up to a hundred vessels as Party Boats.
Then there are many more promoters of particular parties and music genres.
For many young British and Irish workers arriving in Ibiza for the summer season, selling tickets to the boat parties will often be their first work in Ibiza.

Police Nab 10 Illegal PRs.

Illegal public relation agents and ticket touts were the focus of police action in San Antonio during the week. Ten people were charged with breaking the by laws controlling this activity and, at the same time, a Senegalese man was detained for having in his possession 77 ecstasies. Later on, a Nigerian man was apprehended whilst trying to sell a bag of marijuana to a tourist.

No Security Licenses.

Nine bars in the West End entertainment area of San Antonio were cited by police for employing doormen without the correct licenses to operate.
In the same action, undercover police detained a Senegalese man for allegedly selling cocaine and a young Brit for selling ecstasy.

Too Many Customers.

Police ordered two bars, in the West End of San Antonio, to be evacuated after detecting that it had between 60-70% more clients on the premises than the bar’s legal capacities allowed. The clients left peacefully however the bars could now face hefty fines between 10,000€ and 100,000€. During the same inspections, several bars had their music equipment officially sealed, because the police detected the bars did not have the correct music license.
Meanwhile, a bar on the Arenal Promenade was also emptied after police detected 40% over capacity, and another well known bar in the same area had its music equipment sealed. The police discovered that there were fourteen more speakers installed than the license and plans of the bar permitted. It appears that this bar has often been the subject of noise complaints from nearby neighbours.

Dole Scam.

Concluding an investigation started last autumn into dole and resident’s paper fraud, the authorities detained one hundred and nine people this week and suspended thirty one resident’s permits. A construction company, which never carried out any construction, was supposedly used as a front to provide contracts for people to later be able to claim dole money and to help foreigners legalise their resident permits. 470,000€ was the amount of the fraud detected whilst it is thought that the six organisers behind the scam received up to 3000€ for each person they helped by providing false contracts.

Later in the week the police announced that they were still looking for two Moroccan residents from the Santa Eulalia area of the island that were also involved in this fraud and were apparently now on the run from the authorities. As investigations developed, press reports suggested that, in Ibiza alone, millions of Euros could have been swindled from the state by these fraudsters who seemingly had an array of non existent firms set up to fictitiously insure workers using the internet system to present information.

Car Wrecking Causes Fire.

Two men, who were dismantling an abandoned car with a iron cutter to sell it for scrap, caused a fire to start in the area of Es Puig, in San Antonio. The sparks ignited dried shrubbery and the fire spread quickly. The fire services called in a plane and a helicopter to extinguish the blaze by dropping water from the air.
Evictions Suspended.
The legal eviction of twelve families, who live in rented accommodation in the El Divino building in the port area of Ibiza Town, was suspended at the last minute by a judge. It appears that the owners of the building wish to reclaim the use of the property and had resorted to legal eviction when negotiations with the families to get them to move voluntarily apparently failed. However, it appears that these twelve families signed a rental agreement in good faith with a third party, so the judge suspended the eviction until the case can be investigated more fully. Allegedly there are squatters living in the rest of the thirty four apartments in the block.

Electric Scooters Complaints.

Neighbours and opposition politicians have complained to the Town Hall in San Antonio about the rental of small electric scooters to tourists. They claim that these scooters do not have any municipal license to be rented or be driven on the road, and are being driven a high speed amongst pedestrians, especially on the promenades in the town.

Child Abuse.

A 54 year old man living in San Joan was detained for alleged sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl this week. Originally from Galicia, the man had a past record of violent crime, illegal possession of fire arms and drug offences. He apparently made friends with the girl’s family, but the mother became suspicious of the relationship he had with her daughter. She checked her daughter’s phone, which supposedly confirmed her fears, and gave the information to the police who then made the detention.

Fuzzy Check In.

The emergency services were called to the check in section at the airport when a 29 year old Irish woman apparently tried to check in whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Quickly diagnosing the situation, the woman was taken to hospital to be monitored as she slept off the effects and was later discharged.

Unidentified Man Dies Due To Injuries.

Not knowing if he had fallen or had been hit, a man in a drunken state was treated by emergency staff in the early hours of the morning near a sports centre in Ibiza Town. He had severe head injuries and was taken by air-ambulance to a specialist unit in Mallorca, where he later died of his injuries. Investigations into this tragic incident are being reinforced because the man was not carrying any form of identification at the time of the incident.
Not knowing if the incidents are related, at the time the police apprehended the deceased man in a nearby street, a strong toxic gas was escaping from the interior of the sports centre. Other officers had to bring breathing gear to help the first officers who arrived at the scene to recuperate from the effects of the gas. A vagrant sleeping near the entrance to the building also needed assistance. Sealing the building until the morning, a later investigation indicated that someone had broken into the storeroom of the sports centre and, for some reason, mixed cleaning liquids producing the toxic vapour.

Gondola Getaway


New Direct Ibiza to Venice Flights
Last Saturday, the airport in Ibiza inaugurated a new direct connexion to Venice, extending the offered number flights to Italy for the summer season.
As reported by Aena, the connection will be operated by the AirOne flight company with a frequency of three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the whole season.
This is the second route opened in the past week. On Saturday June 7th, a new connection to the German city of Munich was launched by Vueling. It also will be operated three times a week, but this time the selected days are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Flying to Venice on 22nd and returning 29th July for one person, adding a checked bag up to 20kg works out at 162€ return including airport taxes and surcharges.
Prices checked 18th June at which time the flights were not available on skyscanner, only direct with AirOne.
All we have to say is… taxi!!

Black Tax

Spanish finances have taken a far greater hammering than most in recent years. This is due in large part to Spain’s much larger decrease in the amount of tax paid during the crisis years. The Hacienda has plans afoot to stimulate the economy and though nothing is 100% as yet, the knowledge is so widespread that it is believed the main principles of the changes listed below will come into place at some point in the not too distant future. We found similar reports on several top Spanish news feeds and other English language sites.

All the talk is of there being relief to workers and greater taxation to property owners.
Most significant of the changes will be the removal of the ITP property transfer tax. It is a big shock for any British national looking to buy in Spain. In the UK we pay approximately 1% stamp duty on a house purchase, in Spain the amount is a whopping 12%. This move is bound to stimulate movement in the property market but will of course result in a large loss of taxation revenue, which it is believed will be offset by the introduction of a new tax on empty second properties. Although the tax is worded to apply to empty properties, the reality—and everybody is aware this is what it really means—is that in most cases there is a rental income being derived from the second property which is being taken as Black Money and not being declared for taxation.
Though the plight of multi-property owning landlords and the effect on the size of their monthly Caviar orders is not likely to raise concern or objection amongst the population, it does seem to me that it is yet another official acceptance and recognition of the black money culture that permeates every level of the Spanish economy. You will see various reports on these news pages today and every week, of strict fines and penalties being imposed for many infractions, some relatively minor. In this respect Spain seems regulation crazy but all this is at complete odds with the one great lie that the entire economy is false and in that respect corrupt.
So deeply ingrained is this culture of black money that it may be difficult to ever effect change. The one time that the situation could have been redressed was missed and can now never return. Though Spain may have a history to look back on the causation of the black money culture, what excuse does Europe have for allowing entry to the EU effectively turning a blind eye to this very Spanish situation. A requirement of entry to the EU being a clean up of it’s act may have been the one thing that would have resulted in the effort required to change Spain’s ways.
It does seem that the property market has been moving more recently and the removal of the property purchase tax will certainly help it get up to full speed, however the announcement of its intention in advance is a complete joke.
Surely there will now be a collective hesitation among prospective buyers. To put it into figures buying a 300,000€ property in Ibiza will cost you approaching 40.000€ tax. How many people are that desperate to buy that they would not wait a few months to gain that 40.000€? The idea is good in intention but it seems it may have the opposite effect of slowing sales for the coming months.