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Sponsored Walk. Remember that there’s a two hour Sponsored Moonlight Walk in aid of the Association Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera also taking place this Saturday 12th July. Anyone wishing to take part should meet at Bar La Cantina in Cala Llonga in time to leave at 9.30pm. Sponsorship forms and more information are available by calling Margaret on 971 196394. This is a wonderful opportunity to join a group of friends and enjoy the walk under a full moon while raising money for this very worthwhile charity. Pizza and Piano. Restaurant Seventeen in Siesta have now opened a Piano Bar with live music and song from 9pm every Saturday night with the Los Caro Son trio, whose style is best described as 50’s Nat King Cole. At Seventeen you have the option of choosing Pizzas, cooked a wood burning oven, a fixed price or A La Carte international menu. There is also an excellent Children’s Menu making it a perfect venue for the whole family, (See their ad for reservation information). He’s back. Abby “The Amazing Pianoman” is making a welcome return to Bar Pio in Cala Llonga next Thursday 17th July. He’ll be playing and singing his Soul, Oldies and more from 7-11pm. If it’s fun you’re looking for then this is where you’ll find it! Jacaranda Celeb Night. Having seen the full ad for Jacaranda in last week’s paper we decided to go along and give it a try. We’re so glad we did. Relaxing around the pool, with the sea gently lapping onto the nearby beach, enjoying a superb meal with a fusion of flavours from around the world, for just 40€ a head, accompanied by a very good house wine at 15€ per bottle, while be entertained by an international cabaret featuring Gareth Gates, who was joined on stage by his sister, obviously a very talented family, it was difficult to remember that we were smack bang in the centre of Es Canar. Congratulations Mandy! A series of these evenings is programmed for July and August so see your Ibizan for up to date info. Cinema. Showing at Teatro España Sta Eulalia 9pm Friday 11th, Saturday 12th, and Sunday 13th July: The Immigrant (2013) 120 min – Drama, Mystery, Romance – In 1921, unfortunate circumstances drive newly arrived immigrant Ewa into a life of prostitution, and a complex, volatile relationship with two men – her conflicted pimp and his romantic cousin. Stars: Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Renner. Wed 16th July 9pm. Thanks for Sharing (2012) 112 min – Comedy | Drama. A romantic comedy that brings together three disparate characters who are learning to face a challenging and often confusing world as they struggle together against a common demon: sex addiction. Stars: Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Full Moon @ The Royal Plaza.

So summer is definitely here with long warm evenings, ideal for outdoor dining, and where better to treat yourself and your partner to a romantic Full Moon Roof-Top Dinner than at The Royal Plaza Hotel in Ibiza town. There are two such occasions planned, one this coming Saturday 12th July, the second on Friday 8th August, which is Ibiza Town’s Fiesta day, meaning that you can enjoy the spectacle of the fireworks, superb views of the Old Town while you dine in comfort on the hotel’s roof top terrace. For these special events the hotel is offering a delightful gourmet dinner for the amazing price of just 35€ per person, which includes wine included. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed these evenings in the past and will certainly be doing so this year. The Royal Plaza has undergone some refurbishment including the roof garden, pool and spa areas which are all open to non-residents. We find this hotel a real breath of fresh air, charmingly traditional with elegant fittings and facilities, menus that are local, international, always imaginatively different, also nowhere near as expensive as one would imagine. The other thing we enjoy is the service from staff who obviously enjoy their work which reflects in the professional, attentive, but non-intrusive, service they provide. So why not sample all of this by giving yourselves a real treat and reserving a table for a Full Moon Roof Top Dinner.
971 310 000
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The Ibiza Sun Community 9th July 2014
The Ibiza Sun Community 9th July 2014

Letter From Juan


Sometimes the creative juices just don’t flow. Do they ever I hear you cry! Anyway I had a quiet week last week so when you do not get out and about you are less likely to see something that will trigger off a thought that maybe fairly interesting. The last week has been dominated in waiting in for the man to come and sort out my Router and then having a problem connecting my wife’s laptop (still not sorted). My other main problem is that the pool has once again sprung a leak!! Why does it have to happen in the summer? Dear old Sods law raises its ugly head again. I think in the short term I will have to keep filling it up as we have family coming out in a few weeks. However I might be able to solve a problem for you if you are looking for a present for a mature man or a young boy. This is based on the assumption that men as they get older revert back to their childhood. My recommendation is to buy them “The Dangerous Book for Boys” by Conn and Hal Iggulden. This book full of useful information like: how to make the greatest paper plane in the world, five knots every boy should know, how to play poker, juggling, cloud formations, codes and ciphers, famous battles, marbles, making crystals, insects and spiders, dinosaurs, Scott of the Antarctic and the solar system. These are just some of the ideas, facts and extraordinary stories that are included in this book. No I am not on commission I just think it is a fun book for all ages although I should declare an interest in as much one of the co-authors is a friend of my son. Well it s time to go, I hope you have a good week reading and relaxing, mind you isn’t it strange weather this year, very topsy turvey. Ah well as they say, “variety is the spice of life”, yours Juan.

View From The Pew

View from the pew

President Eisenhower said: “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office (or a church)”. In the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of Integrity is ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.’ A further addition usually when for instance referring to a building as having integrity, it means ‘Soundly constructed’. One thing I began to notice when I returned to the UK last year that there seemed to be a plethora of stories about public figures that all lacked this distinct and important quality of life – integrity. And not just amongst public figures. Banks which have knowingly sold false Payment Protection Insurance plans to people who did not ask for them; cowboy builders, electricians and plumbers who say they will do something and never turn up; people making phone calls pretending to be computer engineers or hacking into e-mail accounts and sending out messages saying they have been robbed and need money immediately to help them get home from some distant destination. With public figures it may not affect us so much personally but it is, I think, something that irritates most of us when we see public figures saying or doing totally inappropriate things: the giving of gifts to ensure that the Football World Cup takes place in Qatar MPs fiddling their expenses celebrities saying foolish things on Twitter and having to retract; commentators saying things they should not when they think they are not on the air but are still being recorded. And even bigger things like the Iraq War and its consequences and a bank on the verge of bankruptcy because of a totally inept and unqualified person as its CEO. The fiascos in the EU – The list is endless. I asked myself “Why do we see so much lack of integrity in our modern society?” The only conclusion I could come to is that there is no longer any solid basis from which people learn the moral code and so people do what they want. I wonder what it would look like if we did a graph with one line of the decline in integrity and another line with the decline in belief in God, and particularly the Christian faith which was the basis of our society for so long? I suspect they would be very near to parallel lines! I leave you to your own conclusions but it seems more than coincidence to me. And for me the obvious answer is to get back to the roots of our culture and historical faith and teach this to our children and grandchildren. If they are taught it, it is up to them whether they accept it or not as they grow older, but if we do not teach it to them it may be lost, if not forever, for a very long time. God bless, Bob the Ex-Vicar Services: Sunday July 13th – 11am Holy Communion Service in Capilla de Lourdes, Santa Eulalia; 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar. 5:45pm Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar.

It’s Good to Talk

Good to talk

Dear Kate Thank you in advance for reading my letter and I hope you can support me in some way though I fear this maybe rather a complex issue, but lets see. Two years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable condition that will eventually cause me to die, I am on some very heavy meds but fortunately the last two years I have been pretty symptom free to the outside world and have by and large carried on as normal. However, recently that has begun to change and I cannot cover up some of the symptoms any more. My grown up children came to visit and were visibly shocked and upset by my appearance. A couple of weeks after leaving they have now written me a joint letter asking me to be explicit about the future, what it may hold and most importantly that they both want me to move back to the UK so they can spend time with me and support me and their father through whatever time is left. I understand their thoughts, I am flattered that they want to help and deeply moved that they want me to return so much that they got together to write the letter. The difficulty is that I feel my life, or to be more precise the end of my life, will be so much more peaceful here. I may be looking through rose tinted glasses as I have no idea how the Spanish health system supports end of life care but I do have a notion of peacefully slipping away at home with my husband (and children if they wish) present, hearing the ocean, the wind and the birds. I know this probably wouldn’t happen in the UK and my concern is that the anxiety and stress of moving back would exacerbate my condition. But, as a mum who adores and loves her kids more than anything and would do absolutely anything for them, I feel incredibly torn and wracked with guilt for even thinking I may do this without them being a full time part of the journey. How will that effect their grieving process, and all sorts of other questions are flying around my head that one second I am mentally packing up almost fifteen years of happiness and the next I am sticking to my guns and staying put. What can / should I do to ensure that we are all as comfortable as possible in a situation that really is so desperately uncomfortable, especially for them. Thank you, PD. Dear PD Firstly thank you so much for your letter, so heartfelt and I am sure a difficult one to write. You are correct there are a lot of complex issues wrapped up in what you have written and many emotions and people to consider. However I am going to keep this relatively brief and say that I think you summed it up perfectly when you said that you are a “mum who adores and loves her kids more then anything and would do absolutely anything for them”. That is what mums do and sometimes it can take those children a long long time to come to realize what mums and dads do for them. However, this is your time and my feeling is that you have to do what ever brings you the most peace and least amount of discomfort. No one but you can say what that will be, it maybe going back to the UK it maybe staying in Ibiza but the most important thing to focus on is you and what will make your time as meaningful and stress free as possible. I wish you all the best, take care, Kate. For contact see my advert in local services.

Health Matters

Health matters

Recreational Drugs The consumption of recreational drugs is always a hot topic and part of the culture of the Ibizan summer music scene, as it is in many places throughout the world. One drug that has hit the headlines recently is MDPV, which has been dubbed by headline sensationalists the cannibal or zombie drug. MDPV is a plant based cathinone drug which is similar to amphetamine drugs such as speed or MDMA (ecstasy) and as such has similar effects. The effects include euphoria, empathy and increasing alertness and talkativeness. Negative effects can include a ‘downer’ or depression due to low levels of dopamine (which has already been used to give the euphoric feeling), anxiety, psychosis and paranoia. And of course with the majority of drugs there is no way of knowing what it has been mixed with and the impurities can also have their own side effects. The method of administration can also have health risks. MDPV can be snorted, smoked or even injected although the main method is oral. People who share needles, pipes or straws have a risk of HIV or Hepatitis C transmission. Deaths have been confirmed; The Journal of Medical Toxicology reported that cardiac arrests and resultant brain injury of two men were a direct result of MDPV use. British body builder Dale Burns who was tasered by police during a violent struggle in 2011, subsequently died of a heart attack, had also taken MDPV. However parts of the media were quick to seize upon a story that emerged from Miami in 2012 when police shot dead a man who was apparently ‘eating’ or ‘chewing’ the face of another man. The autopsy of the man shot dead showed he had no MDPV in his system at the time of the attack, only marijuana. Linking MDPV to cannibalism is unsubstantiated and has not been backed up by any scientific literature. Paranoia and panic attacks caused by drugs can make some people aggressive and as a result possibly bite others but this type of loss of control can happen anywhere, even on a football pitch. One UK paper last week inappropriately reported that cannibal linked ‘experimental’ MDPV was being sold to ‘British revellers’ in Ibiza. If you have any worries about taking drugs or the side effects they may have, then don’t take them. If you feel unwell seek help, many of the big night clubs have nurses rooms where first aid can be given. Don’t mix drugs and watch out for and stay with your friends. Enjoy Ibiza safely. For questions or problems about recreational drug use goto it has lots of useful information. If you would like me to address any other health related issue please contact me on And see my advert in local services.