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Fiesta In Siesta. Fancy a bit of a street party? Then this Thursday 5th June there’s a street Fiesta in Siesta on the outskirts of Sta Eulalia. Starting at 6pm and continuing until midnight there will be stalls offering tasters of food from various restaurants in the Sta Eulalia area. The Lost Mountain Orchestra will be providing live music with a DJ backing them up. If last year’s fiesta is anything to go by then this is an event not to be missed.

Art Exhibitions.  Christine Wildman held the opening evening of an exhibition of her works in oil last Saturday. We were among the appreciative guests, many of whom like us hadn’t realized the Christine was actually an artist let alone one as talented as she obviously is. Her paintings cover a broad spectrum of ideas with a vibrancy that is very appealing to the eye; she hasn’t followed any particular pattern and has shaken off the shackles of being in the rut that some artists find themselves. With canvasses ranging from landscapes to, shall we say, pertly nudes, with one of the horse guards that’s almost three-dimensional, there is certainly one that will catch your eye. Prices for Christine’s works start at just 175€, little wonder that she was selling them during the inauguration. The exhibition in the Sala de Exposiciones, Calle San Jaime is open until this Saturday 7th June. The annual Ruta de Arte exhibition is now under way at the Congress Centre in Sta Eulalia. Open daily this gives art lovers the chance to see works from across the whole range of the islands artists.

There He Is. In answer to a number of enquiries we’ve received while out and about Abby The Pianoman now performs every Tuesday from 7pm at Bar Pio Cala Llonga (sometimes wearing a jacket). Why not pop in and join in the midweek music night.

Up To Speed There’s some good news for internet users in Cala Llonga. Teleco are in the process of installing fibre optic cables that will increase the internet speed from the occasional almost 1 meg to around 10 megs. We spoke to the engineer who advised us that the work should be completed in around two weeks. How long two weeks is remains to be seen.

Parking Discounts.  In answer to the letter from Christine Inglis regarding the various coloured parking discount cards, we don’t think we can be of much help. We know that in Sta Eulalia the green card discount applies to residents of that borough and assume the San Antonio ones are the same, applying to that borough’s residents only. With regards to the other cards we can only suggest that you call into your town hall to seek clarification. We’d hate to give you any misleading information which might lead you to having your vehicle towed away.

View From The Pew

Next Sunday is Whitsunday. Years ago it was called White Sunday. Pentecost was a popular time for Baptism, the candidates were all dress in white.

Pentecost is 40 days after the Jewish Festival of Passover in Jerusalem, where Jesus was crucified and rose again after three days of being dead. At Pentecost we celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit on the believers of Jesus Christ.

Services: Sunday June 8th Whitsunday at 11am Holy Communion with Praise and Worship at Santa Eulalia. Sunday June 15th at 11am Choral Communion at San Rafael. Saturday June 7th at 12pm family Fun Day and Hog Roast at Can Truy.

Letter From Juan

Another busy week at Casa Juan. First a weekend of food and drink shopping for my retirement party, and why they can’t move the shop closer to my house is beyond me. Then on Monday morning I had to go through all the procedure of Abdication. Of course nobody was prepared and now the government have to pass some new laws. It nearly did not happen at all because my internet was not working and I couldn’t call them on the phone because next door’s cat was making so much noise. Well that’s all I have time for this week so I’ll make some room for the other columnists. Anyway I have to go on the television now. They want to put make-up on me too! What is the world coming to, I just can’t believe it.

It’s Good To Talk

Dear Kate

We (me, husband, daughter 12yrs and son 6yrs) moved here 8months ago. We came and visited the island at various different times of the year so we could all get an idea of what the island would be like in the busy and quiet times, in the heat of the summer and the chillier months of the winter. We looked at schools and places that the kids could meet and get to know new friends.

Anyway we have settled in well, me and my husband are beginning to make friends, we have a good place to live and our son is settled in well with a nice set of class mates. Our daughter however is finding it hard, she is constantly saying she wants to move back and return to her old school to be with her friends and to be honest its beginning to become an issue, I don’t know what to say and am even wondering if we have made the right choice coming here.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, Thank you, AD

Dear AD

Thank you for your letter and its great to hear that ¾ of you are settling in well, making friends, and beginning to feel comfortable here. Your daughter is of course at a much more difficult stage then your son. She will have formed much deeper connections with her friends back “home” and is also treading the difficult path of child Vrs adolescent, hormones are racing and parents often become the object of their frustration in not knowing exactly where they fit. So she has the difficulty of not quite fitting in with the children as well as not quite being an adult coupled with the difficulty of fitting in with new friends who have established peer groups, in a new country where there is a lot that is unfamiliar.

So I wonder if you have considered keeping those strong bonds with the UK as “alive” as you can by setting up Skype/facetime sessions for her with her friends in England, give her the chance to tell them all about life in Ibiza and find out what they are up to. Conversely it might also be useful to let her know that she can invite new friends back to the house or go out  which will encourage new connections to be made. There is something about letting her know all her options with out getting involved. Allowing her to make friendships at her own pace whilst at the same time keeping in touch with the school to know that she is integrating and they do not see any potential issues. 8 months seems like a life time at 12 years old but its very early days for you all, much will change over the next year and especially the next few summer months when the island comes alive, you will develop your social network as a family and begin to feel more comfortable as to where you “fit”.

Take care, Kate,

Kate Stillman – Counsellor/Psychotherapist see my advert for info.

Hippy Kids


Es Canar’s Hippy Market have opened a special Kid’s Club within their Wednesday market. They offer fantasy face-painting and a children’s photo-call, plus paintable Mandalas for children to illustrate with various materials including purpurin. The children can then take home their work as a self-made souvenir of the Hippy Market.
Also on offer are Recycle Workshops organised by the Mums in Ibiza group. There will be live music by a cello player and other guests, and a snack bar for parents to relax whilst their children are at the workshops.
On June 11th the market opens a new exhibition of photos of the Hippy Market in the 1970s!