The Far East

Didn’t We Have A Lovely Day?


What an enjoyable day the Cala Llonga Children’s Beach Party turned out to be last Sunday, for the participants and organizers alike. Entertainer Jose and his team started the morning off with a display of birds of prey together with snakes, which made a few people shudder, but enthralled some of the wide eyed little ones. The Parrot Show was a huge success as was the bouncy castle. The Foam Party brought squeals of delight from the children while the Sandcastle Competition brought groans of despair from “dads the builders”. A total of thirty one constructions had to be judged with the winners being Paul Zammit and his family from the UK. Proceedings came to a slightly abrupt end when the rain started by which time everyone had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to the Viva Cala Llonga team. Their next event is a Flower Power Night on Thursday 26th June, when from around 8pm a there’ll be a Disco float passing through the village finishing down by the beach and market, which in case you need a reminder takes place every Thursday from 7pm, with a tremendous choice of handmade crafts, clothing, decorative items and is becoming more and more popular as the weeks pass by.


If art is your thing then there is an exhibition of an assortment of works by the students of Agrupación Siesta in the exhibition room Calle San Jaime, Sta Eulalia. This exhibition closes tomorrow night (sorry we didn’t advise you sooner but we didn’t receive the info earlier). These works range from still life, island scenery and some very tastefully painted nudes. Then on Saturday 31st May an exhibition oil paintings by Christine Wildman opens in the same location and runs until 7th June. There are an amazing number of talented artists on Ibiza and these two exhibitions offer you the opportunity to view some of their work.

A Warning! We have received information about what seems to be the latest scam to hit the island. A friend of ours was contacted by telephone by someone claiming to be from Microsoft. She was told that her computer had been hacked and that she needed to download a file with their assistance. Failure to do this would mean that they would have to inform the police which would result in a fine of 1000€ being imposed on her. Fortunately this friend suggested that they ring the police immediately as there was no way that she was having anything to do with them. She then decided to call the Guardia Civil, who weren’t really interested, she then called 112 who were very helpful, advising her not to take any notice of the threats as they had received a number of calls from other concerned people, and if she was contacted again to ring them immediately. So if you are contacted by these people, then just tell them where to go and put the phone down. On the subject of scams we saw on Spanish TV news that fourteen people have been arrested in connection with the gas fittings scam that was prevalent a couple of years ago. Let’s hope they are locked up and that the keys disappear.

Showing at Teatro España in Sta Eulalia this week. On 28th 30th, 31st May and 1st

June they are showing Night Train to Lisbon – 2013, 111 mins: Raimund Gregorius, a Swiss Professor, abandons his lectures and buttoned-down life to embark on a thrilling adventure that will take him on a journey to the very heart of himself.



View From The Pew


Sunday May 25th – 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar; 11am Holy Communion in Capilla de Lourdes, Santa Eulalia; 5:45pm Sacred Space/Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar.

Thursday May 29th – 6:15am Ascension Day service, Sa Talaia.

Sunday June 1st – 9:30am BCP Holy Communion in San Rafael Church; 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar; 11am Service of the Word with Praise and Worship, San Rafael, 5:45pm Sacred Space/Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar.

Thursday June 5th – 8:15pm Healing Service in San Rafael Church.

(God Wants You Well!)

Sunday June 8th – 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar; 11am Holy Communion in Capilla de Lourdes, Sta. Eulalia; 5:45pm Sacred Space/Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar.


Letter from Juan

I am happy to say the bee eaters are back not that I have seen them yet but I have heard them several times but have never been able to track them down as they tend to soar and feed very high up in the air. I am also very happy to say that the Hoopoes are back and I have seen them in the valley below. By the way if you want to hear the different bird songs to try and identify them then try there are an enormous amount of varieties of bird songs on this site. Mind you I have heard that some conservationists are not very happy with these sites as they confuse the birds and can be used by less scrupulous people to attract birds and then shoot them. However I am sure you won’t do that and if you are interested in our feather friends I can recommend the site. Mind you I should warn you it can be quite addictive. Talking of addictions how are your New Year resolutions getting on? I assume you are like the vast majority and have long since given up or maybe you were like me and sensibly didn’t make any. Well that is not quite true; I renewed my promise to stop writing this letter to you when I reach my 500th. According to my records after this letter I have 44 to go so next March I will be hanging up pen or perhaps should say shutting down my computer, of course that is always assuming that the Editor doesn’t shut me down beforehand! I was interested to see that it is not only cricket where rain stops play. We decided to go to the Trotting again on Sunday and shortly after the first race the heavens opened and the rain started chucking it down and after a very few minutes the track was flooded and racing was abandoned for the day. So we now have to wait until next Sunday for the opportunity to throw our money away. Well the odds of losing a lot of money are unlikely as the entry is free and you can place a bet for €1.20, not exactly a bank breaking sum but it just gives you bragging rights if you backed the winner!

Well I hope you have a winning week, yours Juan

Silver Screen


The man that couldn’t say no. Why did that bugger allow mosquitoes on the ark? A red hot pole up the jacksy for him. This Holly-weird adaptation of the biblical event is as true as you can imagine those out of their boxes writers to come up with. With that great Shakespearean actor Ray Winstone as Twoballscane shouting out: “Come on ya git Noah, me and de lads are gonna punch yer lights out!” Simply spiffing casting. Russell Crowe plays Noah, who has been given the task of ridding the Earth of evil and taking the good to the Promised Land (well that leaves out Ibiza then). He is ordered to build an ark to take all of the blessed personage and animals to safety. It is an epic of Hollywood proportions, also starring Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah, Jennifer Connelly as Noah’s wife Naameh, and Emma Watson as Ila. Not a bad cast, but a big shame about Noah naming the ark: The Titanic.


A steady burn starring Nicolas Cage as Joe. Joe is a kind, no-nonsense person; who when pushed could beat seven bells of hell out of you. He befriends a boy who comes to work for him on a tree eradicating plantation. When Joe finds that the boy is being beaten and robbed by an inbred in-law, he goes on the warpath. I cannot see an Oscar coming his way, but if you like Cage, you will like this one. Slow but powerful.

 A Haunted House 2.

Starring Marlon Wayans, Cedric the Entertainer, and a host of other small-time stars, Haunted House 2 is the follow-up to A Haunted House (of course). It is shot in the style of a home video, documenting what happens when Wayans buys a new house that he suspects to be haunted. He finds a doll (a bit like Chucky) that he believes to be possessed. I think the funniest part of this movie is when he decides to have sex with the doll to rid it of any demonic power, instead it just makes the doll even more determined to place the hex. Not as funny as the first film, but it has its moments, especially if you can understand Jive talk.

Watch out for the new Transformers film, ‘Transformers: The Age Of Extinction’ starring (oh no!) Mark Wahlberg, the other plank besides Keanu Reeves. Do not get me wrong, in their own right the both have something, but they need good actors around them. They lack inflection and emotion. Matt Damon, Denzil Washington and Morgan Freeman are just few of the many good actors that America has to entertain us. Unfortunately, the two previously mentioned are B-actors in my books.