The Far East

Cala Llonga Market
Our island has a number of markets for us all to visit, Las Dalias, San Jordi, Cala de Bou and Cala Llenya, for example, however we believe that none of them can boast the setting of the Thursday evening market in Cala Llonga, situated as it is on the paseo behind the beach, with a playground for the younger ones. The market starts at 7pm every Thursday and is an array of colours offering a magnificent range of handmade articles which are perfect for gifts, souvenirs or a personal treat. There is also a program of special events and entertainment to coincide with some Thursday evenings, this week for example it’s the Flower Power Night, a must for anyone who enjoys the nostalgia of the past era of music and fun. In addition to this the village has a wide selection of bars and restaurants offering a full international range of foods and snacks. It’s also a perfect opportunity to sit and sip your sundowner and do some people watching. Viva Cala Llonga.


Letter From Juan

I can’t remember exactly why I was looking in my book of quotations but I came across an interesting quote ”The distance is nothing it is only the first step that is difficult”, apparently that was a quote by Madame Du Deffand commenting on the legend that St Denis, carrying his head in his hands walked two leagues!! However isn’t that true of many projects you keep putting off doing. I am sorry to bring up the subject of the World Cup but this is a message for those people whose country didn’t qualify for the finals and when they laugh at the failure of Spain or England and then get abused by supporters who turn around and say “well at least we got to the world cup final” they should say to them “at least our humiliation was on a regional level whilst yours was on the world stage!” I have to say as a neutral it has been one of the best world cups I have ever watched but I must get off the subject as I am sure Jezza will have covered it in every minute detail. The other week when I asked you not to throw items out of your car window, I never thought I would have to plead to you not to throw bottles into the sea! Last week I was lucky to have the opportunity to sail to Formentera and we had perfect conditions and sailed round to that beautiful bay Cala Saona. Two of the party went for a swim with a mask and snorkel around our boat and came back with three wine bottles that were lying on the sea bed! What on earth possess people to do that? It never ceases to amaze me how crass some people can be. They no doubt were in some large expensive boat at anchor having lunch and couldn’t be bothered to collect their rubbish in a bag and then have to take it ashore after their trip, much easier and “fun” to hurl their wine bottle overboard! Please if you are fortunate enough to be on one of those boats bring all you rubbish back ashore and everyone will benefit from a better environment. Have a great week and whatever you do make sure you keep putting on that suntan oil, it is getting seriously hot out there, yours Juan.

View From The Pew

I am always intrigued each summer season here in Ibiza as to what the next special events will be called at all the different clubs. Some stay the same each year, but each May new adverts go up for the latest special evenings or days.
Sunday in San Antonio was always “Judgment Sundays with Judge Jules”. This year at the new Beach Club in San Antonio Sundays have become “Sin Sunday”. I often wonder what it is about Ibiza which borrows so much from religious imagery. El Divino club, Soul Kitchen, God’s Kitchen Boombox, another club called Sin, and then the well-known hoarding on the roundabout going out of Ibiza town to San José which advertised a beach club with the words “Where Jesus does the dishes” along with a suitably long-haired Jesus look-alike. Soul Heaven is back in San Antonio for another summer. Also DJ Hell and Hard Rock Hell have been here.
The strange thing is that if a Christian, during a conversation, mentions Heaven and Hell, it is often followed by a deathly silence! If we suggest that somebody might be going to Hell, then it is definitely politically incorrect!
I believe God in his wisdom, enables us to experience both Heaven and Hell here in our short mortal lives, in order to help us to make the most sensible decision about our eternal futures. Some people describe some artificially enhanced states as like being in heaven, and they will repeatedly seek it. But it is a misjudgement to mistake the taster for the reality. We can only have so much here as mortals, or as the writer CS Lewis puts it, they are “advance echoes” of the world to come. They are experiences to learn from, and we see enough heaven and hell just from normal circumstances to get an idea what our eternal future holds. But it is a danger if we manufacture these experiences and enhance them so that they become an end in themselves here. And the surprising thing is that people do choose hell. Probably 50% of people in prison in Ibiza are serial offenders. How come they don’t take another path after this glimpse of hell?
It is easy to make Ibiza into a “LaLa Land”, which as the San Antonio club stated, is “Not just a party but a state of mind.” You can lose yourself in it, but hopefully you might find a taste here of what ultimately God wants to bless us with. Jesus – not the one who washes dishes in the advert – said: “I have come to give you life in all its fullness.” It’s also on offer here in Ibiza.
Bob the Ex-Vicar
Sunday June 29th – 11:30am Informal Family Service, Chaplain’s House, Can Bagot in San Agustín followed by a Bring and Share Lunch; 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar. 5:45pm Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar.

It’s Good To Talk

Dear Ibiza Sun
I have been “seeing someone” for about two years and am feeling depressed about the situation, if I am honest I would say I have fallen in love, but this person will not officially call me their girlfriend even though we see each other about 3 times a week and I 100% consider us a couple. What has come to light recently is that they would like to see other people and that they consider our relationship to be casual i.e. good friends who have sex. So I ended it but now feel lonely and depressed and am considering if I can compromise and have the relationship that they still say they want.
Am I crazy??

Dear NR,
Thank you for your letter and I am sorry to hear that you find yourself in such a predicament. It seems as if there is quite a large disparity between what you feel for each other or at least how you want the rest of society to perceive your relationship. You seem much more open and clear about your feelings and how you would like to manage them in public, whilst your partner appears to prefer to keep things much more private. I suppose this brings up two questions firstly why and secondly is that Ok with you. The first we may never know the answer to but the second matters, it’s about you, your limits, your boundaries, what sits with you comfortably and what doesn’t. Knowing yourself and not pushing your compromise to the point where it will make you unhappy and frustrated because you feel something is better then nothing is really important.
There are no rights and wrongs in this situation, the most important thing is that you make a choice about what you think will work for you rather then feel pushed in to accepting something that in reality will be too difficult to bare.
Whatever your choice I wish you happiness and peace with it – do take care
Warm regards, Kate.
For contact see my advert in local services.

Health Matters

Latest Research: Tomato pills may be in the horizon to combat heart disease. It has been known for a while that lycopene is a strong anti-oxidant that has anti cancer properties and may help in avoiding cardiovascular illnesses. Researchers at Cambridge University gave participants either the tomato pill or a placebo. After two months participants with cardiovascular disease showed improved forearm blood flow. Improved blood flow can reduce the risks of a cardiovascular event such as stroke or heart attack. Those taking the placebo had no change in blood flow readings. Tomatoes, as well as other fruits and vegetables, can be found in the ‘Mediterranean diet’, which is widely believed to be a healthy diet. Lycopene can also be found in apricots and watermelon and is widely resistant to the ways tomatoes are prepared, i.e. it is not destroyed by cooking. Taking a supplement can provide, in this example lycopene, but this can’t replace the real thing which also gives other vitamins, minerals and fibre. In my own humble opinion tomatoes grown in Ibiza can’t be beat and have a wonderful flavour, so at least here there’s no excuse.
Another staple of good eating in Ibiza is red meat. Red meat has been linked in the past to bowel cancer and of course with a high saturated fat content it has other health risks such as high cholesterol and therefore a risk of cardiovascular disease. Now it has been linked to breast cancer by researchers at Harvard School of Public health. The study followed data from almost 90,000 women and analysed the diets of those who developed breast cancer finding that there was a small increased risk especially if the women had a diet high in red meat during early adulthood. However other epidemiology experts state that the risk is minimal but women should have a healthy weight, drink less alcohol and do some exercise to reduce risks of breast cancer.
One of the latest investigations to be published by the Harvard Medical School says that repeated exposure to UV light might be addictive. The research in question showed that UV light raised levels of endorphins and a systemic (whole body) analgesia which could be reversed with an opiate (morphine based drug) antidote. This has yet to be confirmed in humans but animal tests suggest that it could be applied to people. A criticism of transferring these findings to people is that we generally don’t see people displaying addiction characteristics, such as missing work to go for a sun bed or coming to Ibiza for a sun break and not returning to home.
Other scientists are however sceptical, saying that the research doesn’t have the methodology to support the results or conclusions. They offer other reasons, such as social and cultural pressures as reasons that people want tans and continue to sunbathe and use sun beds even though it is generally accepted that UV light does damage health and is cancer causing. If you believe the research or not, if taking in the sun’s rays then use a sun cream with at least factor 15 to enjoy it without damaging your health.