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Getting Run Over in Santa Eulalia

Dear sir, may I through your paper say the transformation in Sta Eulalia is fantastic, i.e. the new car park, the seafront, the fountains up to the town hall make it a pleasure to walk around, as a tourist who as visited this area for the last 14yrs it makes it so pleasing to not worry about traffic? Until you get around the town hall part, were traffic seems to take short cuts past the town hall and up towards the car park area and out of town. Unfortunately most of us brits think a paved area is a precinct and use as such if traffic is to use this area put signs to show the fact or make it certain times for traffic. For the younger ones it might be just that once when one runs out not seeing the car and who knows even us older ones may not be so quick? so hoping through you paper which I read when I’m on the island about 3-4 times a year, I can just say take care on this area and mind the cars unless something is done before the season gets in full swing.

Yours faithfully,

Fred Pilbeam

Hastings. UK

Goodbye Dave From Murphy’s

I have often written to you and have had several letters published. I would really appreciate it if you could for the last time from me print my comments below as I can no longer come to Ibiza due to illness and I’d like to pay tribute to Dave Banks from Murphy’s, who is leaving Murphy’s for good in about 2 weeks.

As Dave is so well known to many visitors and locals in Ibiza for over twenty years I also wondered if maybe he could be considered to feature in your new Ibizan interview? Title: End of an Era. June 15th is the very last time Dave Banks will be playing in Murphy’s with The Murphy Brothers – for anyone that has been to Murphy’s in D’en Bossa you will know devastating this news is.

Many of our family and friends have been visiting Murphy’s during our holidays for nearly 20 years, 2 or 3 times every year and this is a great loss to us all. Its not just a bar but like home from home as the welcome you get in Murphy’s is second to none! As you walk down the stairs into Murphy’s its like walking into your front room for a private party, the hospitality Dave and his team provides is outstanding. The bar has always been so popular by so many nationalities around the world with regular customers coming back year after year from Germany, England, Italy, Ireland, Scotland Switzerland, Holland to name a few, it has truly been an international venue.

The Live music and entertainment is unbeatable and can never be replaced by a DJ, not even the very best!. Live music isn’t easy to find in Ibiza, its such a shame it has to end. There have been many ‘brothers’ in the Murphy line-up with Dave, and of course our ‘piano man’ Bobby, who was there for around 17 years, Also Martin the fiddler, Matt Warren, Simon Cuell, Adian, Martin, Phil and Alex, Wayne, Fran, Kevin, there are many !

Not forgetting Dave’s bar staff who made us so welcome, Ramon, Tanja, Yvonne, and Simon – many thanks for being so great! So I’d like to pay tribute and on behalf of all the millions that have enjoyed Dave and the Murphy brothers over the years we’d like to say a massive thank you for many magical times in Murphy’s Bar!

This will be an end of an era, and a very hard act to follow !! Slainte!! Sally, Doug, family and friends (UK).

I’ve attached a couple of photos just in case you could include one? If these are not good enough quality I have many more.

Thank you,

kind regards,


Thanks for your letter Sally. I spent my formative Ibiza years in Playa D’en Bossa, and so know Dave and the very special venue he has at Murphys. I’ve never seen the man without a huge smile on his face, and he put plenty on those of his customers—so many returning year after year. I have known Murphy’s at it’s best, and celebrated an England world cup victory or two there. I have known it as ‘a local’ with Luis, Marcello and the Bora Bora crew at the end of their shift. Sadly I have also known it in tragedy—my wife playing a very courageous part in the attempted but unsuccessful  resuscitation of a  holidaymaker who lost his life there a few years ago.

Nothing lasts forever, but it will take a special manager to fill Dave’s shoes (and Tanja of course—the real brains behind the outfit.)

I’m not sure how this picture will print—but I’ve given it my best in Photoshop and hope it comes out OK.


The Far East

 The 2 Old Rockers

Family Beach Fun Day

The place to be this coming Sunday, 25th May, is the beach in Cala Llonga where the Viva Cala Llonga Team, in conjunction with the Asociación de Vecinos, are holding a Children’s Beach Games Day. Starting at 11am there’ll be Foam Fun with Albert the Clown, a Sandcastle Competition, which gives the grownups chance to join in, a Bouncy Castle and lots of other games and entertainments. Why not make a day of it and either bring a picnic or sample some of the wide range of food and drinks available in the villages bars and restaurants. The weather forecast is good (hopefully) so you’re more than welcome to join in what is going to be a real family fun day out.

Car Parking Discount

The underground car park in Sta Eulalia has re-introduced the Residents car parking discount. When we used it last week our fee should have been 1,55€ but with discount we only paid 50 cents, brilliant. Plus of course when we returned to it our car was nice and cool. On the subject of Sta Eulalia the central Paseo refurbishment is now completed. We were a little apprehensive as how it would turn out but we have to admit that it does look rather smart with extra seating outside some cafes making a much pleasanter situation for visitors, the business owners and market stall holders. At night the fountain and water canals that run down to the bottom of the Paseo are illuminated in varying colours making quite a spectacular show.


Once again there isn’t an English language film showing at Teatro España Sta Eulalia this week. On 28th, 30th, 31st May and 1st June they are showing Night Train to Lisbon (2013) 111 mins; Raimund Gregorius, a Swiss Professor, abandons his lectures and buttoned-down life to embark on a thrilling adventure that will take him on a journey to the very heart of himself.

Mariposa Salad

Stars: Jeremy Irons, Mélanie Laurent, Jack Huston

Come On You Brewers! We don’t suppose that Jezza will mention it so we will. Burton Albion the football team from our town of birth, Burton on Trent, won a thrilling match to beat “Soufend” United 3-2 on aggregate and now face Fleetwood Town in the Division 2 play offs final at Wembley Stadium on Monday 26th May. We watched the game at Bar Mariposa whilst enjoying one of their House Salads. There are salads and there are salads and theirs is a salad to remember.

Up The Rams!

The team we supported when living in the UK, Derby County, are also playing at Wembley next Saturday 24th May, facing Queens Park Rangers in the Championship play offs, so it could be a very joyous, or very disastrous few days for us.

“Snappy Birthday”

Alan Douglas celebrated his 75th Birthday last Sunday. Alan is a keen photographer and has over the years allowed us to “borrow” some of his pictures for publication in The Ibiza Sun. We hope you enjoyed your day Alan.

Letter from Juan

Letter from Juan

I now have some idea what the “two old rockers” have been putting themselves through over the past few years just to bring you an interesting and informative column each week. Last week I was out well past midnight on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and then had to get up at 5.15am on Saturday! They have had over the years a much more gruelling schedule and I for one don’t know how they have survived for so long!

Anyway back in the real world, you may remember that I was having trouble with my Wi-Fi, well it was fixed a couple of weeks ago – it turned out to be the power cable that was broken not the Router- however every other day since then my Wi-Fi seems to go down for a few hours so if you want to make sure of contacting me the phone is probably the most reliable method at the moment. If this carries on much longer I may have to take everyone’s advice and ditch my supplier, Telefonica. The other bane in my life at the moment is the traffic in Sant Josep. It is an absolute disaster, cars are parked all over the place in every conceivable orifice you can imagine or to be more polite I should use an expression that my Scots friends use, “in every nook and cranny”. The reason for this shambles Sant Josep has joined the 21st century and has now got a sizeable National supermarket in its midst – Hiper Centro. Whether they had to ask the Ayuntamiento permission for the change I don’t know but something needs to be done about parking in town before an accident happens. Apart from parking all over the place, for those that don’t know the town, directly outside the supermarket there is this large deep hollow where the occasional car used to park except when there was a fiesta or a funereal then it was full. However now it is full every day of every hour and unfortunately the way down is very steep and slippery and to get your car out and on to the main road is a nightmare and a very dangerous one at that.

Another case of a disaster waiting to happen or I should say several disasters waiting to happen with people falling down the slope and cars crashing into each other. I expect to hear an increase in the wails of the ambulances as they rush the next casualty off to hospital. I wonder if the dogs in the valley that always join in a wailing contest with the sirens will get so fed up with hearing them that they might actually stop trying to compete! As I have my gloom and doom pen in my hand I should like to suggest that you do not throw your cigarettes or bottles out of your car as the risk of fire this year, after the lack of rain, must be very great. Also as it is now warmer in the mornings you can do your bit for the environment and help maintain the water levels by turning off your shower when you are soaping up and turning it back on the wash yourself off and don’t run the water all the time you are brushing your teeth just at the start and the finish. Then you can walk out of your dwelling with a smile on your face knowing that you have at least made a small contribution to the pending water crisis. Have an environmentally good week, yours Juan.

Ibiza churches

View From The Pew

Bob the ex-Vicar

There being no locum on Ibiza this week, I was asked to do the View from the Pew again even though I am in the UK. I should point out that as the man in the dog-collar, I am not actually in the pew, and so it is perhaps more like View of the Pew! But on the other hand, it is also important to point out that just because I wear a dog collar on Sundays doesn’t mean that I am essentially any different to anybody else sitting in the pew on Sunday!

Yesterday I had the great opportunity of being able to walk up the Old Man of Coniston in the Lake District with an old University friend and his wife. You couldn’t really have had a better day for it with the clear blue skies and warm sunshine, although there was a bit of a chilly wind.

However it being such a beautiful Saturday morning meant that there were a lot of people about. When my friend told me where he was taking me for the day, I had envisaged a nice quiet walk up a mountain where there would be few people. Maybe in Ibiza, but not here! Driving up to the car park above Coniston we were in a queue of traffic. At the car park, it already seemed full at 10:45 in the morning but we managed to squeeze in. On the various trails up the mountain, we could already see loads of people walking together, even some tiny little specks already way up on the tops.

All the way up we were either following or being followed by packs of people. It was only when we had got to the top and started on down and found a small grassy spot out of sight of the main trail for a picnic that we were actually on our own. We were sitting right above the car-park, and from up there I wondered why I had thought it so crowded. Similarly the trails that were winding up the mountain seemed far less busy as well. It was a totally different perspective!

From up there it must be somewhat like a God’s-eye view. It reminded me how important it is to get above our daily problems, alongside God and see things from his perspective. He invites us to do this; He encourages us to do this; in fact He commands us to do it in the 4th of the Ten Commandments because He knows how much we need this time with Him in our lives.

At the beginning of a busy summer, it is so important to remember to take the time that God wants us to have to sit next to Him and see the problems and hassles of life from His perspective. You might not be able to do it in Church depending on your work schedule, although many churches are open every day for quiet thought and prayer. Also you might like to go up Sa Talaia on Ascension Day (Thursday May 29th at sunrise – the church has a short service there followed by breakfast) where you can get a God-perspective of life on Ibiza, get it all into proportion, and be re-fuelled for the busyness of life back down on the island.

God bless you all this summer, Bob the ex-Vicar and Clare.

Ibiza Agony Aunt

It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,

I think you had a letter similar to this one before and I think I have quite a common problem but still was wondering if you could help – sorry if you have to repeat yourself.

I am a smoker of weed, over the winter I have a joint every evening to relax and mark the end of the day, I really enjoy it and to be honest don’t want to stop it. The problem is that I always get my smoking (and infrequent use of other drugs) under good control during the winter, partly because funds are lacking and I have to ration myself but mainly because it is quiet and the temptations do not present them selves as often as they do in the winter.

As I said before I enjoy my evening joint and would like to continue to do so but this year more then others I really want to just do that and I am so anxious about slipping into old patterns that I’m not sure quite what to do.

Thank you, HG

Dear HG,

Thank you for your e mail and congratulations on getting your smoking to a more manageable level over the winter. You are right I did have a similar letter a while ago but its great that you have written in as it highlights an issue that is very common especially here where there is such a huge difference between how we all socialise and operate in the winter compared to the summer. The winter here often gives people a chance to relax, detox and generally take care of them selves after what is often an excessive summer with little sleep!

It seems as if you have a really good idea of your patterns and how you respond in certain situations, so I wonder if knowing this about yourself actually gives you a head start in being able to prepare for those situations that you might find difficult? They are unlikely to take you by surprise and as you now know what your triggers are it gives you an opportunity to either avoid them or if that is not possible then make a decision about how you want to handle them in advance so you are not caught in a situation where you revert to old habits because you don’t have enough time to make a more informed choice.

You seem determined to stick to your winter routine and I think that making that explicit choice along with your determination will carry you a long way. I am going to find out the details of various support groups that maybe of interest to you and will include them in next week’s article.

Take care and please do let us know how you get on

All the best

Kate Stillman – Counsellor / Psychotherapist, see my advert.

Health in Ibiza

Health Matters

Kevin Russel


The Human Papilloma virus has been mentioned in this column before, as it is responsible for a variety of illnesses from harmless warts to cancer. Human Papilloma virus or HPV has over 120 types that affect certain skin cells and mucous membranes in people. Most infections caused by the HPV are not serious and even go unnoticed, some form cutaneous or genital warts called benign papillomas. The most serious infections can cause; vaginal, anal, cervical cancers as well as cancer of the oropharynx.

HPV is the most commonly transmitted sexual disease and about fourty types can affect the genital regions. It is spread through direct contact frequently during sexual intercourse. In fact because it is a very common virus most people who are sexually active will be infected at some point in their life. In many cases the person won’t know because there are no initial symptoms and the body’s own immune system is able to get rid of the infection without it causing any problems. It can also lay dormant many years before signs and symptoms appear.

The types that cause an increase in the cancer risk are called high risk HPVs, specifically HPV16 and HPV18. These strains can cause abnormal changes in cells in the mucosa that can then develop into cancers.

As it is spread by contact then the best method of prevention is by using a barrier such as a condom. However condoms don’t cover all of the skin so are not 100% effective. Also this won’t prevent cross infection by the oro-genital route. Actor Michael Douglas recently openly discussed his experiences of throat cancer which he attributes to HPV and oral-sex transmission. HPV16 is known to be one of the causes of throat cancer, other high risk factors are smoking and alcohol, both of which he also admits to in abundance. Roughly 25% of head and neck cancers occur in people who have never smoked and HPV is thought to be responsible for many in this group of people. There is at present no way of detecting HPV in the mouth unless there is an obvious sign such as a growth, but vaccines given to prevent HPV related cervical cancers should reduce the amount of head and neck cancer cases. Worldwide there is an estimated 350,000 cases of head and neck cancers annually, of which only about 4000 cases are attributed to HPV (between 1 and 2%). The same group, HPV-mediated throat cancer, has more than trebled in the USA in the last 15 years, which has been mainly attributed to oral sex. At present the vaccines are given only to girls, preferably before they become sexually active because the chances are that they have not yet been exposed to HPV.

If you have any health related issue that you would like discussed please get in touch via The Ibiza Sun or at the email below.