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Ibiza’s social media is as varied as our March micro-climate.

From the inane to the insane, and those that come back again and again, consider this our own Gogglebox for Ibiza insiders.

A ready reckoner roundup of what you need to know for those who can’t be bothered to do their own scrolling, or what you should know for those worried they are not scrolling in the right places.

PLUS, we announce the best ever Ibiza Social Media post. Can you guess what it is yet?

March 2018

Jobs & Workers

Facebook’s steady stream of jobs and job-hunters is gearing up in its usual pre-season peak.

Though the Spanish language jobs groups dwarf the English workers groups in both membership and jobs offered, our native tongued hosts definitely don’t have the entertainment factor of the English groups (perm any combination of) ‘Workers’ ‘Ibiza’ ‘Official’ ‘2018’.

In the 17k strong Ibiza Workers 2018 group, new boy Samson Nadi has given his employment prospects a huge boost in demonstrating his grasp of both basic literacy and what Ibiza employers are looking for in their staff, with his post ‘is drugs legal on Ibiza’.

We’re all pretty wise to resident baiting, but given his not-so-witty retort to the first of many comments (see image), we fear he may actually be a 100% genuine twat. Well, we’ve always room for one more.

Follow this link if you fancy adding to Samson’s rapidly growing responses, or of course to offer him a job …

For some big Spanish employment groups try

And some of the English

Soundcloud San An Season Starter

For a somewhat more positive portrayal of the coming season, and a good few yarns from memory lane, Martin Makepeace took Plastik’s Andy Matthews aside for an insightful interview hitting the right night-spots – listen on Soundcloud here

More Memory Lane

The Pitiuses prolific positivity poster Paiewonsky has been knocking us all bandy with a steady stream of nostalgia from his internet accumulated images of old Ibiza. Great stuff, and hopefully we’ll get around to following his lead and digging out some of our own archives. Follow Justus on facebook here

If old photos are your bag, you’ll want to join Ibiza’s 25k strong facebook group dedicated to just that – find them here

Hot to Trot

So, so many announcements of what’s new and whats hot in 2018 Ibiza clubbing, with Carl Cox’s chosen hallowed ground and Cream’s move to Hi heading the list of gossip on the timelines.

For sheer line-up excitement it has to be Resistance at Privilege Tuesdays making the running. Their 2018 DJs include (strap yourself in), Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Dubfire, Eats Everything, Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati, Loco Dice, Maceo Plex, Nicole Moudaber, Paco Osuna, Pan-Pot, Richie Hawtin, Sasha | John Digweed and Seth Troxler – and that’s just for starters.

Spare a thought for the backfire though. Just to prove the life of a DJ isn’t all a bed of roses, the announcement of Gianluca Vacchi, Wednesdays at Amnesia, didn’t get quite the reaction the promoters were looking for.

Watch Gianluca on Ibiza Club News‘ facebook page here, and best be prepared to cringe just a little.

Well, perhaps all publicity is good publicity, Gianluca may be stretching the point looking at the reactions. It did result in a funny pastiche of Gianluca’s original by some wag or other – but we can’t find that now – if it’s still up perhaps someone will let us know.

While with Ibiza Club news, it seems that there is even room for some nostàlgia in clubland. Their video of “Ibiza in the 90’s when there were no phones” attracted the attention of no less than Annie Mac (at least we hope it’s her), who commented “love this post you put up of ibiza ve..♥♥♥♥ …so proud and bless to be a part of the life in ibiza ..its my peace heaven..? am sure.ibiza its the same for you to .and all the beautiful souls..who love and visit this beautiful amazing white island”


If you’re worried that facebook might be a bit too nostalgia-indulgent for your liking, head over to Instagram for the current mega-crop of ‘getting ready for business’ pics bang up to the minute. Well, it’s what it is.

And Finally …

We are pleased to announce the winner of ‘The Best Ibiza Facebook Post Ever’ award. Don’t ask us to explain why it is the best. It just is. Good on you Jock.

Keep it going here 

Or go and meet the star behind his bar at The Social here