Wishing our Scottish readers a tremendous Saint Andrew’s Day.

We thought a celebration of Ibiza Scottish was in order with a bit of a showcase.

We’ll kick things off with an honourable mention by a famous son …

Billy Connolly

Burns Night

Ibiza’s own Burns lunch has become something of an institution on the ex-pat calendar in January. It is usually held at the popular Chimichurri restaurant in San Augustin just outside San Antonio.

As the lunch welcomes all whether from North or South of the border, here is a little more information for anyone that needs it.

A Burns supper or lunch is a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, author of many Scots poems. The suppers are normally held on or near the poet’s birthday, 25 January.

Burns suppers are most common in Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, there are now celebrations throughout the UK and in ex-pat communities worldwide.

The first suppers were held in memorial at Ayrshire at the end of the 18th century by Robert Burns’ friends on 21 July, the anniversary of his death, and have been a regular occurrence ever since. The first Burns club was founded in Greenock in 1801 by merchants born in Ayrshire, some of whom had known Burns. They held the first Burns supper on what they thought was his birthday, 29 January 1802, but in 1803 they discovered in Ayr parish records that his date of birth was 25 January 1759. Since then, suppers have been held on 25 January.

Burns suppers typically include haggis, a dish celebrated by Burns in ‘Address to a Haggis’, Scotch whisky, and the recitation of Burns’s poetry.

Look out for more info nearer the time, or contact the organiser Michael on 649111234.

Oan The Nightshift

From the summer of 2018, this went viral …


Terrible video – but had to include that match.

Sorry, but opportunities to showcase Scottish football success in Ibiza are in shorter supply than you might expect. If you fancy it you can follow this link to enjoy some Scottish fans enjoying a rendition of ‘England’s Going Home’ after this summer’s Croatia semi-final exit Scottish Fans at the Highlander

Kilties & the Highlander

San An’s duo of Scotland in Ibiza, more precisely San Antonio’s West End.

Parody Central

there are many – we’ve included the Scottish House Mafia and the Scottish remix of I took a Pill in Ibiza – which neatly covers the Buckfast angle too – so despite the many, many, options for the Scottish behaving badly category, we’ll consider that done.

Thomas Green’s Supermarket

We could not close without mention of Thomas Green’s which, despite the bowler hats and London skyline, is as Scottish as a (insert favourite stereotype here).

Thomas Green’s is Ibiza’s longest standing British Supermarket cum Landmark cum Community Centre cum Gossip and Information Point, and we are all indebted to Joe and Jillian for their ongoing work to fulfil this editor’s Cod Roe needs, and many other things too, but definitely the Cod Roe.

Remember to support your local shops at Christmas – Thomas Green’s Ibiza on Facebook