By Blue Gibbs, age 9 and Jasmine Johnston age very nearly 9

We were newspaper reporters for the day and had to write a report on the Ice Cream shop in San Antonio.

It is the one near the church. We both LOVE the ice cream from there already. But who wouldn’t want extra ice cream?

By the time we got to the ice cream shop it was really hot and so we thought we would start right away with an ice cream.

We had our favourites. Vanilla for Blue and Lemon for Jasmine. We had the first ice creams in cones.

Some people like to suck the ice cream from the bottom, some people don’t. It doesn’t matter really. It tastes great both ways.

After the first ice cream we thought the best thing to do would be to have another one. This time in a tub.

We had to choose different ones because we were writing the report. We both decided they were nice, but not as nice as our favourites.

Sorry, but we cannot remember the names of the second ones.

Dad had a special drink instead. He said it was lovely. It had a scoop of ice cream in the top.

Dad/Ed – the drink is a Cubanito, apparently very popular in the Valencia area. Kind of like a milk-shake, but also totally different. much more refreshing. I had mine with a scoop of Cinnamon and Lemon ice cream. Would it taste great with a drop of vodka? Why yes, it probably would. Back to the kids.

Next we had to decide what questions we would ask.

We both made a list and asked Silvia, the lady who owns the shop if we could ask her the questions. Silvia is Italian but she speaks Spanish so that was fine.

Jasmine went first and Blue stood by in case she needed to remember her questions.

Jasmine: How many flavours of ice cream do you make in your shop?

Silvia: 31

Jasmine: When did you open your shop? How long ago?

Silvia: 14 years ago.

Jasmine: What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Silvia: Lemon (which Jasmine thought was great as it is hers too)

Next it was Blue’s turn.

Blue: Who taught you to make ice cream?

Silvia: My friend.

Blue: What is the most popular flavour of ice cream?

Silvia: Chocolate.

Blue: How many days do you open?

Silvia: Every day.

Blue: How many people do you sell ice cream to every day?

Silvia: From 50 to 100.

We were talking about that afterwards and it seemed to us that there were more than 100 just in the time we were there.

Before we left we thought we should have another ice cream. So we just had our favourites again because that is what we love the most.

So we think the Capitulo Dos ice cream shop is brilliant and you should definitely go there for some ice cream


Back to the grown ups now. Thanks to Blue and Jasmine, though their enthusiasm for typing up their report vanished after a few minutes.

Our thanks also to Silvia who was most gracious, and despite the appearance of the one word answers above, was actually chatting with the children for some time.

They got it right though. It is brilliant ice cream.

Find Capitulo Dos on the san Antonio Church square, two minutes from the main fountains plaza. 

Capitulo Dos on Facebook