Sant Josep Town Hall have issued a statement correcting their earlier reports of exactly how everything went down in relation to the Police action to stop the illegal rave last weekend.

The Town Hall have admitted that it took Police 14 hours from receiving the first report to actually locate the Rave, but at that time they did not see any evidence of music or a stage. By the time they did it had by then grown to such a size that Police thought it inadvisable to break it up, leading to a further delay until the following morning. 

The official reports received at the time of the notification stated that police had received 8 complaints and that these had started in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

It now materialises that the first complaint was received much earlier, the night before, but that Police could not find the event. 

The timeline stated in the admission is as follows.

Night of Friday 23/Saturday 24.

Around one o’clock in the morning a call is received alerting Police that loud music is being played at a point stated as Cala Comte and Cala Bassa. Police attend the scene. They cannot hear any music and leave, stating it to be a false alarm.

Day of Saturday 24. 

At 11:58h a local resident complains of an illegal party in Sa Torre d’en Rovira, stating there to be 150 vehicles and vans. On this occasion Police do not attend as “all agents are involved in other incidents at that time,” says the statement.

At 13:07h  A new complaint of illegal camping is received. The person complaining says that the campers reacted violently to them when they challenged the campers with the charge of not cleaning up after themselves.

At 14:45h Police attend and find the campers in the tower of Rovira. They do not hear any music or see any stage, but observe around 20 cars and motorhomes. The Police “invite” those present to leave the area in a few hours with the warning that they will be denounced if they do not.

Night of Saturday 24/Sunday 25th

At 0:57h “new calls” are received by the police “warning of the passage of numerous vehicles and music being played at very high volume”.

At some unstated time after, detailed as ‘police gather during the morning’ the Police challenge the organisers who refuse to stop the party. The ‘thousand’ partygoers of the initial statement is now changed to ‘hundreds of’.

The statement says that during the night, seven complaint calls are received, but “prudently, one does not act during the night.” The statement does state that from that time the police did mount access controls to the entrances and exits of the party. 

Early on Sunday the request for reinforcements is made to the Civil Guard. From then on the intervention takes place that dismantles the party and arrests the main perpetrators.

In its note, the town hall states that “it cannot be concluded it was to blame for the delay in locating nor, once located, ending the party” adding that “there was no evidence of an abnormal concentration of personnel and vehicles until Saturday at noon, and then they acted as usual in these situations to seek a dialogue resolution”.

Together with this statement, the City Council issued another to inform that the Corporation “has received the support and recognition of the president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Marí, for the police action carried out over the weekend.”

In an unrelated matter, here is a photograph of Benny Hill.