In a must-be-applauded move to take Ibiza’s politics onto the streets, the Consell have announced a ‘Question Time’ style public meeting to discuss Government affairs.


Consell representatives Marta Sans and Viviana Diaz, today presented the “new initiative of citizen participation”. After the first meeting in Ibiza Town’s Peace Park, the public forum will move around other municipalities ion following months.

“We have taken some time talking about a new way of doing politics closer to the people, open, transparent and participatory. However, these ideas should not be in words, but must be put into practice” , said Sans.

Marta Diaz detailed the mechanics of the debate, which aims to “leave the institution (offices) and answer for the actions of our government on the street.”

She continued “we live in times of a strong sense of distance and indifference of citizens towards public institutions. It is our responsibility to bring back people to democratic institutions.”


The initiative, known as ‘El Consell a la plaça’ (The Council Square) will be held on Saturday 26th November at Peace Park, Parque de la Paz, in Ibiza Town, between 11 and 13 hours.

The discussion will begin with a brief welcome speech of President Vicente Torres.

Later, the Vice President will introduce the first debate and will be asking people who want to participate to raise their hands.

Dimbleby’s role will be undertaken by an appointed person who will lead and moderate the debate.

Each person can apply to speak only once however there will be responses and follow ups allowed – each of 3 minutes maximum.

The only requirements to participate are a request to speak made correctly (basically wait your turn and no shouting out), with questions to the president or a minister with a matter relating to his ministry or management responsibility. Questions may not be offensive nor disrespectful, or which relate to matters that are not specific to public management.

Watch Online
The whole debate can be followed live online video, the video channel of the Council of Ibiza ( ) and will be recorded and posted on the corporate website.
Editorial Comment:
Spain has suffered a huge crisis in confidence around their public administration with many cases of corruption still in progress today.
We have previously applauded the Ibiza Consell for taking steps such as the televising of their governmental sessions. 
They cannot turn back the clock, but they do seem genuinely committed to making things better for the future. 
Even if the decisions taken sometimes seem a little odd, at least they are being open in showing how they are taking them.
Well done them.