One of the two Ibiza Police Officers awaiting trial on the charge of the robbery of 2.7 million euros from the Matutes group of companies, has said they are calling owner Abel Matutes as a witness.

The lawyer of the defendant says Matutes must be called to explain how he had come by the money in the first place.

Defence Calls for Matutes to Explain where he got the 2.7 Million Euros that was Stolen

The defence lawyers of José Joaquín Fernández, one of the two agents of the National Police of Ibiza accused of participating in the grand theft in the building of the Matutes Group of Companies in 2013, have said they intend to call the former Government minister and Ibizan entrepreneur head of the Matutes group of companies, to court as a witness.

whose safe, according to the public accusation, took , claims in his defense brief that the former minister testify at trial as a witness.

According to Fernández’s lawyer, Fernando Pamos de la Hoz, the presence of Matutes in the trial, for which no date has yet been set, is necessary to “explain the details about the origin of the money”. It is claimed that 2,767. 000 million euros were stolen in the heist, however the defence say “the amount and the origin are not clear”.

The defence calls for the acquittal of Fernandez. Not only is the origin of the money questioned, but also the action of the National Police, which delivered the recovered money to the Matutes Group of Companies instead of consigning it judicially. For this reason, Pamos de la Hoz requests the police proceedings be declared null and void.

The lawyer also questions the way in which the recovered money was counted and the inspection of Fernandez’s house. He cites as proof of the irregular way the money was counted “the famous photo” that was taken showing agents in the police station with part of the recovered money on a table.

The Prosecutor of Ibiza accuses Fernandez of a cover-up, seeking a prison term of 21 months, though no financial compensation.

Fernandez is accused of aiding and abetting the Police Officer who actually undertook the robbery, Rafael Rodríguez, who has already been sacked from his job in the Police. The Prosecutor is asking for a term of five years in prison for Rodriguez.

Rafael Rodríguez, Dismissal from the National Police

The expulsion of Rodríguez from the National Police Force is another of the factors referred to by Fernández’s lawyer to request that Abel Matutes testify as a witness in the trial.

Rodriguez was expelled by the Ministry of the Interior, which considered that it was proven that, regardless of the robbery itself, Rodriguez had been working as a personal escort to Matutes for an extended period of time, contrary to Police rules that prohibit moonlighting.

The ministry said that Rodriguez was being paid 1,500 euros per month by the Matutes group, in addition to the provision of a free use of a home for his family in the same building of the Matutes Group of Companies.

The ruling of the National Court, which dismissed an appeal lodged by Rodriguez, held him responsible for a “very serious” fault. It stated that the agent “illegally combined his work in the police station of Ibiza with the duties of night watchman at the headquarters of Empresas Matutes between 2009 and 2013”. It was also said that the Matutes group had hidden the employment by instead pretending to employ the policeman’s wife as a cleaner in one of its hotels, though she had never once attended work in that hotel.

The 2013 Robbery

According to the public prosecution’s written submission, on the night of October 26, 2013, Rodríguez took advantage of his position as security personnel of Empresas Matutes to enter the group’s building, on Avenida Bartomeu de Roselló, in Ibiza Town.

His intention, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, was always to break the safe, for which he had bought acetylene and oxygen bottles and a torch on the Internet.

At 9:15 p.m., he reached the second floor of the building and “canceled the volumetric alarm with a transparent sheet.” Afterwards, the Prosecutor’s office reports, he used an interior courtyard to gain access from the second floor to the third, where he had previously left a window open.

Once there, he could access the strongroom. They say it took him half an hour to transfer the safe-breaking equipment across the room underneath sensors, and at around 9.50 p.m. he began to cut through the double-leaf steel door of the Matutes safe.

One million euros still missing

Rodriguez managed to cut a hole of about 30 by 20 centimeters, from which he was able to take 2,757,000 euros.

Then he escaped through the interior courtyard and took the money to his home – directly  in front of the Matutes Group of Companies building.

In the morning, the prosecutors claim he distributed the money in several places. On a plot of land owned by him in Sant Llorenç he stashed 194,995 euros into a trunk. In the boot of his Ford Fiesta he kept 782,000 euros.

On November 1st, when he was arrested, he gave the agents the first amount. Five days later he told them where the second amount was.

On the same day of the robbery, the prosecution case continues, Rodriguez called Fernandez, and asked him to help hide the rest of the booty. The accusation points out that Fernández knew that the money came from the theft at Empresas Matutes and that, despite this, he agreed to hide it. He hid it in two boxes that he buried on land next to his house.

Fernandez subsequently handed over the two boxes on November 2. In one there was 140,000 euros and in the other 655,000.

Therefore, summarizes the Prosecutor’s Office, Empresas Matutes has recovered 1,772,000 euros, leaving 995,000 missing, the amount claimed by the injured party and that the public prosecutor’s office demands of Rodriguez as a civil liability.