Ibiza Pirate Taxi Prosecutions Doubled in 2016. VIP & Concierge Services Most Heavily Fined.

  • 223 proceedings issued against Ibiza Pirate Taxi trade in 2016, double that of previous years.
  • Fines have been issued of 897,423€
  • 70% of fines are levied at commercial businesses.
  • Illegal ‘concierge’ minibuses amass greatest penalties.

24/10/2016; 14:38; Nick Gibbs editor@theibizan.com

In the ongoing fight against the Ibiza Pirate Taxi trade, it was announced by the Consell de Ibiza that in the year to date it issued 223 proceedings for breaches of regulations regarding the provision of public transport.

This is more than twice the average amount of Ibiza Pirate Taxi prosecutions in previous years.

The total value of financial sanctions issued is 897,423€.

Of those fines issued more than 70% are against legally constituted companies. This may come as a surprise to many people who consider the Ibiza pirate taxi trade one of independent operators, however the Consell state that it highlights the extent of control over which commercial businesses now have in the pirate taxi trade.

A meeting was held between the Consell, 5 municipalities of Ibiza, local police and guardia civil, holiday companies and tourism trade associations.

During the meeting the Minister of Territory and Mobility, Pepa Marí, thanked all involved for their assistance and collaboration to combat this problem.


During the campaign, the Consell’s transport inspection service Transport Council of Ibiza, with the support of the Government of the Balearic Islands and the local police and Guardia Civil, inspected a total of 739 vehicles.

The processed 223 complaints were comprised of interventions by the Guardia Civil (94), the transport inspection service supported by the police (85), and the local police (San Jose 29, Ibiza 8, Sant Antoni 5 and Santa Eulalia 2).

Details of the cases opened

28% were to cars driven by individuals. For this grouping the total sum of 62,372€ of fines were issued.

39% were to minibuses.  The highest number of penalties were issued to companies with vehicles of up to 9 seats. These operate on an often seemingly legitimate, but totally unauthorised, basis of renting a vehicle with driver, typically in the concierge and VIP sector. This group were highlighted by the Consell as being a “more professional pirate”. The 87 sanctions levied totalled 348,087€

18% were to establishments, for example hotels, restaurants and villas, performing passenger transport vehicle. These fines are where the company infringed certain conditions: e.g. they cannot charge for transport, the route must include as a departure point or destination the establishment itself, and must only carry customers of the establishment. 41 penalties were imposed for a total of 164,041€

15% are for other violations of the transportation regulations. The Consell stated that this was mainly comprised of people who had obtained authorisation to undertake public transport in other areas of Spain where it is easier to obtain authorisation, but that these licences were not valid to work in Ibiza. The Consell believes that this is not due to any misunderstanding of the regulations, but that companies are doing so with the sole intention of using the licence from another area to work in Ibiza during the summer months. Despite stating that they considered the intent to be present, it is notable that the 33 prosecutions under this category resulted in a far lower average level of fine than the other groups with just 13,233€ total issued.

Additional Measures

The Minister explained that since the intrusion in the passenger transport is becoming ever more professional, the Inspection service has been continuously strengthened both in training and resources. This year they have appointed additional inspectors and introduced electronic tools to facilitate and expedite the imposition of sanctions.

Pepa Marí also highlighted the need to continue to improve the public transport service. Specific mention was made of the controversial Taxi GPS system, which has already been launched, but is still pending approval of the rules of use, which will make it more effective.

Various other initiatives were mentioned as being important in the fight against illegal taxis, including an increase in seasonal taxi licences and the permanent presence of police at Ibiza airport to deter the pirates.

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