photo; periodico de ibiza

Ibiza Pharmacies

“where can I find an open pharmacy?”

Here we take you through some simple steps to show you how to find which chemists are open out of hours in your area.

All Pharmacies operate under the Collegi Oficial de Farmacéutics de les Illes Balears (COFIB)

Step by Step

  1. Go to the website

2. From the main menu go to ‘farmacias’ and select ‘farmacias abiertas’ from the drop down menu.

3. You then select,

    • Island
    • Local Municipality
    • Date and Time

You can alternatively choose to search by address, but in our use the easier and quicker option was by municipality.


The website is available in Spanish and Catalan. If you need/prefer to use it in English, Google translate makes a good effort—not perfect but better than many. (on desktop computers most people can access translate by a right click anywhere on the page in Google Chrome and select ‘translate page to English’).

If your Chrome is not set up to auto-translate, copy the page address go to google translate at and paste into the translate box for a full page translation.

Open Chemists

Open chemists are then shown on the Google Map, which you can use to zoom in and out, and move around to find your closest chemists.

The site warns you not to rely on the information 100%, especially on festival days. It is a good idea to note down one or two back up alternatives just in case.

Additional Resources

The website also has lots more useful functions on diet and general health issues, and a page of useful medical links.