Some great news from the Balearic Health authority today, who confirmed that there have been no new cases of Covid-19 recorded in either Ibiza or Formentera for 3 days.

The announcement was made at the health authority press conference Thursday 23rd July. 

The spokesperson said that there had been no new cases of Covid-19 recorded, and that the authority were satisfied that all local outbreaks could now be reported as ‘under control’.

There remain a total of 17 patients infected with Covid-19, 9 of which are from Ibiza and 8 from Formentera. 

Of these only 4 have conditions serious enough to require hospital care, 3 from Ibiza and 1 from Formentera.

The 8 infected people from Formentera are those from a localised hotel workers outbreak, however the health authority is confident that this has been confined to those known as infected already, only 1 of whom has symptoms serious enough to require hospital care. 

This is all great news, and we are pleased to publish it, but we are mindful that good news must never encourage complacency.