Ibiza News Roundup

All the news from the latest edition of the Ibizan newspaper, that has not been previously published online.    

CRIME: Nipples & Wealth Cause Outrage

Ferrari Drives Naked Woman on Top

Police have been searching for the driver of a red Ferrari driving through the Marina in Ibiza with a naked woman on top. A video of the incident went viral within a few hours on social media and Ibiza’s Town Council went to work to find the registration number of the vehicle to punish the driver for violating several traffic safety regulations, including the fact that there were more occupants than seats in the Ferrari.

The Town Council were also looking for the Taxi driver who recorded the stunt on his phone while driving and requested that the APB (Balearic Port Authority) review the vehicles authorisation to the Port and withdraw access if appropriate.

Driver and Taxi Driver Found

Police have found the driver of the Ferrari driven in the car park of Ibiza’s Marina with a completely naked woman on top.

The driver has been charged with a criminal offence against road safety and could be facing a 1000€ fine and the loss of his driving licence. The 42-year-old male ‘faces a speedy trial’ for the alleged crime against road safety for reckless driving and putting the lives of others at risk.

The taxi driver who recorded the incident on his phone has also made a statement to the police and has been charged for using his mobile phone while driving and 3 points will be removed from his driving licence.

Apart from the Consistory considering the events to be regrettable, demeaning and clearly in violation with civic ordinance, they considered that ‘the place where the woman was positioned was very insecure and braking could have caused her to fall’.

My Two Cents

  • Nick Gibbs

Tonight I have fixed the latch on a garden gate, listened to football whilst writing an article on the king of Spain’s fleet of cars, waded through inboxes and had my tea.

Would I swap that evening for one of driving a Ferrari smoking a cigar with a naked woman on the roof? You bet your sorry arse i would. And 25 years ago I’d have been happy to be the naked one on the roof too.

I’ve done worse, but thankfully my greatest excesses were before the age of mobile phones providing real time social media public accountability. I say the worst were back then, but who can tell? I see something like this and feel inspired more than outraged (or jealous, c’mon, a lot of it was jealousy)

But anyway, all this affected outrage, ffs, and well done the Consell for their statement of determination to ‘track them down and make sure they are punished’. It won’t help the victims of robbery, theft or low life dealers, but at least we will have struck a blow for those who suffered minor moral outrage. The thieves go free, but we got the bastard with the big swinging dick.

Word to the wise though, for those that were outraged, if you do see a video or photo of something you find outrageous, something shocking that should not have been inflicted upon your eyes, might be best not to re-share it – don’t you think?

If Ibiza’s hedonists were covered in fur and walking on four legs there would be widespread panic at their declining numbers and people leaving emergency care parcels of gramme wraps, tequila and the morning after pill outside nightclub entrances at dawn where they are known to congregate. Let us value this most misunderstood of our Island native species before we have to regret having hunted them out of existence.
Here’s to exhibitionists, hedonists, anarchists, jungleists, double droppers, the naked and 24 hour party people everywhere.

CRIME: Joint Police Operation Against Drink & Drugs Traffic Violations

Controls on Friday 16th at Avenida Pere Matutes Noguera in Figueretes

Agents the National and Local Police conducted a joint operation against drugs and traffic violations on Pere Matutes Noguera (above) in Figueretes last Friday.

The National Police processed 14 complaints for the possession of narcotic/psychotropic substances and the Local Police conducted 12 positive drug tests, filed 13 traffic violations and had the tow trucks remove 3 vehicles.

20 Drink/Drug Drivers Fined in San Antonio of 269 Tested

The Local Police of Sant Antoni have denounced 20 drivers for testing positive to alcohol or drugs during the last week.

In total 269 controls were carried out during the campaign in which 4 pirate taxi’s were also detected and another complaint for the possession of narcotic substances. Of the 20 drivers, 18 tested positive for alcohol after being breathalysed and 2 were under the influence of narcotics.

The Consistory has stressed that the controls were carried out in various shifts and places where there is a large influx of vehicles “in order to reduce and raise awareness of the danger of driving motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Traffic campaigns will continue over the next few weeks to control speeding, documentation and compliance with child restraint systems.

CRIME: Sant Antoni & Guardia Civil Seal Death-trap  Open Wells

Appeal for Public to Report Open Wells

A tragedy waiting to happen.

Though regulations require that landowners make safe any open wells on their property, the reality is that a good number of wells remain open and unguarded.

A family reported the discovery of one such well recently. Though technically private land, it was in an area frequented by local people walking dogs for many years. Any child straying too close could have plummeted into the completely open and unguarded chasm of unknown but clearly significant depth onto rocks and in all likelihood the very worst of outcomes.

Just such concerns prompted san Antonio Town Hall to join with the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard and safely seal two wells that were protected with nothing more than branches.

The two wells were found in ‌‌Sa Talaia and ‌‌Es Fornàs.

In a statement issued Tuesday 20th August San Antonio officers reaffirmed the responsibility of land owners to make all open wells safe, stating that  reliance upon the wells being on private land was not sufficient.

In addition, the Consistory requested collaboration from citizens to communicate the location of any wells unguarded or otherwise unsafe.

PEOPLE: Wynn Flies To Ibiza on a Whim

Rachael Wynn flew to Ibiza with her credit card, passport and the clothes on her back after spending the day drinking at a christening then a birthday party.

After talking with some friends who were already in Ibiza, she got a taxi with a mate to Manchester airport, bought a ticket with Jet2 and boarded the plane. Her knowledge of boarding the plane is a “distant memory”.

Rachael said, “I was pi**ed”.

She also said it is the “stupidest thing she has ever done” and is now desperately trying to get home.

NEWS: Spanish F-18 Fighters Scare Citizens

Two F-18 Fighter jets flew over Ibiza at around 9pm on Tuesday 20th August causing panic amongst citizens and tourists. Many people heard the noise as the Jets passed over however due to the cloud, could not see where the noise had come from.

The Air Force has confirmed that night instruction flights had been scheduled and that Ibiza was included in the itinerary.

One woman wrote on Facebook that the fighter planes had flown over Ushuaia and that the noise they caused cancelled out the music, and for a few seconds, all those who were there “threw themselves on the ground in panic”.

The sound that the fighters make is due to the moment they break the sound barrier, which is known as a sonic explosion.

PEOPLE: British Woman Remains in Coma

Monica McGeachie from Scotland was staying at the Piscis Park Hotel in Sant Antoni celebrating her 30th birthday when she fell 12 feet from a window on the 28th July.

At the time of the accident Monica was in the restaurant of the hotel and had lost her flip flop. In leaning back for balance, she fell through an empty windowpane onto the concrete below.

Monica was taken to the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic and placed in an induced coma where she is expected to remain for at least a month. Her injuries not only include swelling to the brain, but both her ankles are broken, and she has spinal and shoulder injuries. A JustGiving page has raised over 10,000 pounds to help cover medical costs and family accommodation.

MARINE: Curse of the Pinar del Río – Baleària Ferry On The Rocks Again

  • 70 cars are still stranded on the ill-fated Baleària Ferry

The Pinar del Río ran aground on Friday 16th August shortly before midnight at the mouth of the Port of Denia. 

The sea captain of Ibiza and Formentera, Luis Gascón declared that he was aware that the ‘Pinar del Rio’ was sailing with a damaged engine but said that did not affect the safety of the ship.

In a later statement he told the Diario de Ibiza that the damaged engine had been repaired by the time the ship arrived in Denia.

On The Rocks

It is the second time in a year that the Pinar del Río has suffered this type of accident. Last year the vessel ran aground at the mouth of the Port of San Antonio on June 8th. No persons were injured as a result of either accident.

A crane was due to remove the stricken cars from the Pinar del Río on Monday 19th however a storm arrived earlier than expected and work was suspended for at least 24 hours until conditions were more favourable. 

The fuel and any possible contaminants have already been removed from the ship and once all the cars are taken off, the Pinar del Río will be re-floated, again.

Third Collision

This is not even the second time the ferry has been in a collision. In May 2017 the ferry collided with the Levante breakwater in the port of Malaga due to a “failure in the governing system”, excess speed was ruled out.

On the same day as the ferry Pinar del Rio collided with the sea wall in Sant Antoni, Baleària announced it was ‘re-enforcing its fleet’, probably with some extra thick hulls. 

MARINE: Marine Clampdown Continues

Guardia Civil Pursue Illegally Rented Boats 

The Guardia Civil have been inspecting vessels in an operation to counteract the number of illegal anchorages, unauthorised points of embarkation/disembarkation and vessels used commercially for profit.

Of the 45 inspected over a ten-day period in areas of Talamanca, ses Salines, Sant Antoni Bay and Illetes, 21 complaints have been filed to the appropriate bodies.

The two main reasons for complaints have been the lack of relevant authorisations for commercial activities and the qualifying title of the patrons of the vessels. 

Complaints have also been made for illegal anchoring, as well as the collection of people from unauthorised points of embarkation.

474 Waiting For Legal Moorings

In Sant Antoni alone, there is a waiting list of 474 people who are waiting for a legal mooring.

So far this year the Port has offered 44 places and by the end of the year they are expected to have offered 197 places.

The figure comes as the Balearic Government have announced that it plans to offer a total 723 mooring places in 17 ports across the Balearics in the coming months, how many will be allocated in Sant Antoni or Santa Eulalia is unknown.

The Ministry of Mobility and Housing reported in a statement that ‘in the absence of mooring and strong demand, they expect that the supply of places will have “an important impact” on the waiting list, due to the high turnover of those already enrolled.’