In what some San Antonio businesses may consider a worryingly vague announcement, San Antonio Town Hall has mentioned the adoption of more sound limiting controls in the borough.

Included as little more than an afterthought in news relating to the infractions of two Ibiza super-clubs, the Town Hall said it had presented plans to Ibiza Consell, the island government, for “installation of sound level metres in various areas of the town”.

With bars and cafe concierto licenced premises already required to have sound limiters installed, and those in the West End having theirs linked directly to the Town Hall, it is unclear what these additional machines are aimed at. There is no indication of where these “various locations” may be, whether they will be on public land or private properties, nor what the level monitors will be looking to address. However, the report states that the project will be implemented in 2019  and “will mean better control of noise levels in Sant Antoni to reduce noise pollution”.