A round up of the news from the printed newspaper, that has not been published as individual articles on the website. We start with Martin Makepeace’s article on the goings on at San Antonio Town Hall.

San An Coalition Council On The Rocks?

  • 3 Way Coalition Stands to Lose Pi Support Leaving a Minority Government

Martin Makepeace

There’s trouble brewing at San Antonio Town Hall after Councillor Juan Jose Ferrer, who was responsible for town planning, resigned from the government team with immediate effect.

Rumours of a rift within the 3-party coalition first surfaced last week with reports of a stand up public row between Ferrer and Deputy Mayor Pablo Valdes.

The row was about the implementation of the new laws regarding the removal of terraces in San Antonio with Ferrer in favour of a phased in approach taking each establishment on its merits while Valdes and Aida Alcaraz, (Councillor for security) wanted a more uniform hard line approach.

Sr. Ferrer’s ‘PI’ party has now given Mayor Jose Tur 1 month to rewrite the pact that saw the 3 parties come together to oust the PP party from San Antonio or they will withdraw support for the coalition and leave the 2 remaining political parties, ‘PSOE’ and ‘Reinicia’ to govern in a minority with 10 seats between them on the 21-seat council.


Jet Employee Robbed Of 157,000€ In Bank Doorway

  • The National police are looking for two hooded men who assaulted and robbed an employee of the Jet Apartments who was paying in the money.

The incident took place on Monday at 10am when the man went to enter the branch on Pedro Matutes Noguera avenue in Platja d’en Bossa, two men with covered faces and fake firearms hit him on the head and stole the money. The hooded thieves apparently spoke in Spanish with a Latin American accent. They escaped in a van.

The Jet employee was taken to Can Misses where he received several sutures for his head injury.

There have been no arrests announced and employees of the bank saw nothing. The Jet Apartments are keeping any further details quiet so as not to hinder the police investigation.

Suspected Serial Forest Fire Arsonist Arrested.

  • A 27 year old Spanish national has been arrested on suspicion of starting nine forest and agricultural fires in Sant Josep and Sant Antoni, including the fire on the 8th August which burned 8 hectares of forest mass.

After appearing in court on Wednesday 16th August, he has been released on probation.

Members of the Civil Protection Service (Seprona) of the Guardia Civil who have been conducting investigations into the fires are certain that fires recorded early in summer; in various areas of Cala de Bou and Sant Josep de Talaia have the same modus operandi.

The Guardia Civil, in collaboration with the different local police authorities, environmental agents and in particular with citizen collaboration, were able to identify the man which led to his arrest Monday 14th.

Lala Sniffs Out Her Man

  • San Antonio’s police dog Lala detects drugs in a subject carrying more than 120 grams of marijuana and Crystal Meth

The dog Lala of the Local police of Sant Antoni collaborated on Sunday night in the arrest of a person for possession of marijuana and crystal meth amphetamine.  The arrest occurred around eleven o’clock on Sunday night after the officers observed on the Paseo de S´Arenal a  man acting suspiciously, who tried to make a getaway when he noticed the police team.

The dog who accompanied the agents detected the presence of narcotics in this person who, after being frisked, was detected two bags of crystal meth amphetamine, some smalls bags of marijuana, plus a bag of larger size containing more than 120 grams of marijuana.

The subject, who has a record for crimes against public health, was detained.

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