San Antonio Town Hall has suspended operating licences of both Amnesia and Privilege.

Privilege cannot open at all for the 2019 season unless they resolve “irregularities” in illegally extending their premises.

Amnesia will not be able to open their terrace unless they attend to the breaches found in their illegal developments. 

Both clubs incur sanctions for breaches in safety regulations. 

Irregularities have also been detected in other large clubs in the municipality

Amnesia and Privilege have had their business licences suspended by San Antonio Town Hall. They cannot open again, Privilege the entire club and Amnesia the terrace, until and unless they attend to what are deemed serious infractions of the licence conditions.

The Town Council explained yesterday that it has carried out “a campaign of inspections to check the effectiveness of the certifications held, and detect possible infractions that may generate dangerous situations.”

Apparently, irregularities have also been detected in other large clubs in the municipality, not just Privilege and Amnesia.


In the first of the establishments, “the modification of the evacuation routes was observed through the installation of partition walls in several exits, as well as deficiencies in the signaling of fire extinguishing equipment and, in addition, substantial remodeling of the premises not contemplated in the project that obtained a license. ”

It would therefore be “a very serious infraction”.

During the inspection it was observed that some areas that initially were projected without definite use or with an occupation density corresponding to a restaurant were being devoted to public dance.

As a result, the density is modified and the resulting capacity is considerably higher, according to the City Council. The municipal technicians understand that the modifications affect an activity of 5,426 square meters and involve expanding the authorized capacity in more than 500 people, which is why, as a precautionary measure, the closure of the activity of the party room is determined.

Two economic sanctions have been levied, one of 650 euros for a minor infringement and one of 54,999 euros for very serious infringement.


In the case of Amnesia, irregularities have been detected in the upper floor, specifically surface expansions in the covered floor dedicated to terraces, toilets and bars.

They are extensions that, according to the Council, involve substantial modifications of the activity, and have been made without permission.

A penalty for very serious infringement of 54,999 euros has been charged.

NOTE TO UPDATE 17th DECEMBER: We initially reported that the restriction on Amnesia had the same effect as that on Privilege, i.e. that the entire club could not open until remedies were made. We are grateful to a native Ibiza reader, who highlighted that under the terms of the order it would only be the Amnesia terrace that was restricted from opening unless remedies were made. It is in many ways academic, as it seems unlikely either club would risk not opening for the summer season and so whatever works required will in all probability be undertaken, but still best to get it technically correct. The actual order, in Catalan, is given below.