Ibiza consell has issued the 400,000€ fine to Airbnb for its part in breaching the Balearics’ strict rules on holiday rentals.

New Rental Regulations

Under the legislation introduced last year, fines can be issued against both the owners of apartments being illegally rented, and any organisation that ‘facilitates their commercialisation’ – to put it simply, anyone who advertises them.

Though the new law allows for individual municipalities to create rules that allow for the tourist licencing of apartments, all be it with very tight controls, no Ibiza municipality has chosen to do so. In effect this confirms a total bar on the holiday rental of private apartments.

Villas can be rented, providing they have a tourism licence.

Airbnb Opposition

Airbnb argue strongly against the fines and the new regulations. The consell believes it likely they will appeal the fine, though they are confident the Government will win the day.

Despite previous statements from Ibiza Consell that the new regulations had resulted in a sharp drop in the number of unlicensed properties available for holiday letting, our quick search today shows there are no shortage – and Airbnb is clearly not dissuaded from allowing unlicensed properties to be marketed on their website.

We searched for two weeks at the start of May for 4 adults and found 293 available properties in Ibiza Town alone. According to the criteria in force, none of those that appeared top of the search could be officially licensed even if they wanted to be, though we did check their listings and as expected none were displaying a license.

On Offer

Fancy a gander? How about this 9 bed penthouse in Talamanca, coming in at a cool £51,463 for the holiday – including a £7,000 service fee to the host – not bad money for handing some keys over and explaining how the TV works.

One more thing we noticed – hugely more boats included than on previous searches. In the summer of 2018 the Balearic Government announced the illegal rental of boats as accommodation to be in their sights for new controls.