Public health authorities have reported that 17 restaurants in Ibiza and Formentera were forced to close immediately during the 2018 season.

The ratio of closures and very bad health standards is much higher in Ibiza and Formentera than it is elsewhere in the Balearics. A situation the inspectors put down to Ibiza’s ‘get rich quick’ reputation.

A total of 17 food establishments in the Pitiusas (15 in Ibiza and 2 in Formentera) have been rated as “a danger to public health”, according to food safety inspectors of the Balearic Health Department.

The premises, which are not named in the report, were inspected during the department’s summer campaign between May 1 and October 31. The 17 premises, rated at level ‘zero’, were closed immediately.

Worst in the Balearics

Ibiza and Formentera have the highest rate in the Balearic Islands by some margin.

In Mallorca only 2% of all the establishments inspected received the qualification of “danger to public health”. (Ed – that still sounds pretty high to us). This percentage was even lower in Menorca, where only 1% of the premises inspected received a zero. However, in Ibiza it amounts to 5% and in Formentera, to 8%.

The Pitiusas also have the highest rates of restaurants with level one “very poor hygienic conditions”. In total there were 38 in Ibiza and 9 in Formentera, representing 12% and 35% of the total inspections respectively. These figures are much higher than those recorded in the rest of the islands. In Menorca there was no local with this rating and in Mallorca, 35 (3%).

At the other end of the scale things were little better. Despite the image of Ibiza and Form,entera for glamour and luxury, there are far less restaurants with the highest rating of ‘excellent’. Formentera only received this score in 4% of inspections and Ibiza 8%, whereas Menorca scored 17% and Mallorca 9%

39 Premises Need Three Visits

In total, 451 inspections were carried out in the Pitiusas (418 in Eivissa and 33 in Formentera) in a total of 231 establishments (216 in Ibiza and 15 in Formentera), which indicates that many of the premises received several visits from the inspectors.

This is because, in some cases, owners are given a few days to resolve deficiencies. 65% of the catering businesses inspected in Ibiza and 73% of those in Formentera required a second visit, a situation that only occurred in 34% of the premises in Mallorca and 19% of those in Menorca. 39 premises in the Pitiusas required 3 visits.

“Explosion of Establishments”

The director general of Public Health, Maria Ramos, attributed the results of the inspections of the Pitiusas to the “explosion of establishments” in the islands during the tourist season, and the high turnover of business operators “that rotate constantly and that close and reopen “. Ramos details that these are premises that cater “to more people than they could because of their capacity”, many of whom “are not even registered”, who have “a very small kitchen” and “inexperienced” personnel.