After improving Covid-19 incidence rates resulted in Ibiza spending several weeks on Balearic Level 2 regulations, the now worsening situation sees the island returning to Level 3 restrictions from Thursday 7th January.

Government spokesperson and native born Ibizan Pilar Costa announced the change in a press conference today.

The change for the worse will not come as anything of a surprise to anybody who has been paying even a casual interest in Ibiza’s statistics over the last two weeks.

Ibiza’s incidence rate has more than doubled in 14 days, from 138 infections per 100,000 people to now 293 cases per 100,000 – an increase of 112%

The rapid increase earns Ibiza the unwanted title of having the worst record of the 4 Balearic Islands in terms of change since Christmas – though far from the worst rate overall. Our neighbour Formentera stays on Level 3 with a rate of 388 per 100,000, still reeling from the outbreak caused by one funeral wake. However, of all the Balearic Islands Mallorca has by far the worst situation currently, with an incidence rate of 688 per 100,000.

Level 3

The most significant change from Level 3 to Level 3 is that curfew returns to the earlier time of 10pm, also affecting the hospitality businesses who will lose whatever extra business the current midnight closing has gained over the last month. Bars and Restaurants will also have to close their inside areas completely, regardless of their CO2 meter ventilation levels. Social gatherings will reduce from 10 to 6 people.

The new measures will apply until January 26th when a review will be held – this means a three week review instead of the fortnightly reviews up until now.

Approach the following guide with extreme caution, we understand the specifics of regulations relating to hospitality, retail and other public places are all in the melting pot for re-evaluation again.