• Ibiza’s leisure sector representatives, La Asociación de Ocio, have pulled no punches in their response to the Ibiza sustainability plan presented by the Prou Ibiza reform group. 
  • Describing the Prou group plan as ‘delirious’ the association, which represents many of Ibiza’s big names in the clubbing world, said it would lead to 25 years of poverty for Ibiza. 

Editorial introduction: Who are they?

For those that do not know the people involved, here is a very quick introduction.

Prou represent that part of the local Ibiza community who wish to follow a relatively hard-line approach to reform. They look to redress what they see as Ibiza’s over-exploitation through saturation tourism, and though I am not 100% sure of it being a stated manifesto objective, their membership will certainly comprise a large proportion of people who are keen to promote greater respect for the culture and traditions of Ibiza. To put it simply, more ecology, less hooligans.

Find out more about Prou here https://www.facebook.com/groups/eivissencsenaccio/

La Asociación de Ocio translates literally as the association of the leisure sector, however  their representation of the leisure sector is not universal. The association’s 38 members  include many of the biggest names in Ibiza’s clubbing world (pacha, hi, dc10 etc), many of the biggest beach club/venues (ocean, blue marlin etc), and some of the better known music bars (keeper, itaca etc) and trendier restaurants (stk, yemanja). They do not appear to have any of the smaller, local, family & independent leisure sector businesses in their membership.

Though it may be that many of the smaller leisure sector businesses will be of the same opinion as La Asociación de Ocio on this particular matter, for ongoing reference it is worth remembering that there may be other issues when smaller local businesses will see their interests as conflicting with those of the association’s members.

Find out more about La Asociación de Ocio here http://ociodeibiza.com/en/

Back to the news …

The Prou Plan

The proposals submitted by Prou create what they term a ‘pact for sustainability’. The plan details drastic measures restrictions on transport and mobility, and in environmental and territorial protection. Prou says such drastic measures are needed to try to alleviate “overexploitation and saturation” of Ibiza.  In an interesting approach to tackle the problems of avoiding the political swings that occur every four years after the elections, the contract offered by Prou! would have a validity of 25 years. They want Ibiza’s political parties to sign up to the plan and in doing so ‘hard-wire’ these points into Ibiza’s future over the next quarter of a decade, removing the common occurrence of each change in political leadership heralding the undoing of the last incumbent’s policies.

You can read the Prou plan at the foot of this article. We are in contact with them regarding a translated version.

Ocio Response

The response of Ocio certainly pulled no punches. Stating that they are ‘totally opposed’ to all of the Prou proposals, the leisure association said the plan would lead to 25 years of poverty.

“Their obsession with the prohibition and closure of leisure facilities borders on the paranoid or delirious. Their plan would result in the dismissal of more than 40,000 people”, the association spokesperson warns. “the small print of the Prou! represents 25 years of poverty, a quarter of a century of recession and carob economy. It is seen that they prefer the words prohibit and close instead of regulate and create”.

The association says the Prou plan will harm the very people Prou say they want to protect. “Their love is for the prohibition and closure of everything that smells of tourism and leisure. They attack a sector that feeds almost 90% of the families of this island.” The association went as far as to acuse Prou of sectarianism and bullying tactics.

“They promote a model that limits and curtails rather than solving problems and creating employment. Prou want a race without control towards the ruin of the island, it is wasting the accumulated wealth for generations thanks to his effort, deprivation and dedication. It is a loss of the real estate and patrimonial value of the Ibizan people, not to mention the expulsion of those who have no roots.”

Prou Ibiza Document

The document may take a few moments to load

[pdf-embedder url=”https://theibizan.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Proposta-de-Pacte-FINAL-2.pdf” title=”Proposta de Pacte FINAL 2″]