Francina Armengol

Following Friday’s national announcement on new tougher Covid-19 health regulations, the Balearic Government have today confirmed how these regulations will be imposed in Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca.

Though the national statement referred to ‘nightlife’, as we predicted on Friday and in our explanatory article Sunday, the Balearic Government have extended that intention of the ‘party activity’ to include Pool Parties and Boat Parties – though they have not included Beach Clubs.

Venues holding any type of event where alcohol is on sale and there is a pool in the premises must close from tomorrow. In Ibiza Rocks context we assume this would just relate to the event floor and pool area, not the hotel itself – we assume, but have no confirmation as yet.

The ban would appear to apply to such venues as Nikki Beach, Ocean Beach, Bam-Bu-Ku etc, but given it is limited in the wording to just those venues with pools, it would appear that venues such as Blue Marlin and Bora Bora would be able to continue their operations. How is Blue Marlin different to Ocean Beach in what it does and how it does it? We have no answer. 

The ban from Tuesday will also apply to boat parties where alcohol is sold. Nightclubs are also included in the ban, but none of the big clubs are open in Ibiza anyway, they have all chosen to keep closed the entire season. This ban could mean the closure of other, smaller, nightlife bars, though there is no detailed distinction given as yet as to what defines a bar that can open, and what makes it nightlife that cannot. Perhaps an assessment of the depression of the customers will be taken.   

Smoking will also be banned on the streets as indicated in Friday’s briefing.

A further measure is that amatuer contact sports will be prohibited in the short term. It did not state whether this will include kids kicking a ball around on the park, but certainly will include organised team sports.  

The exact details of each measure will be confirmed in the BOIB, and once published they will be effective.