Ibiza in June Top 5

  • Nick Gibbs

Congratulations! You have picked one of the very best months to visit Ibiza. Hot, but not too hot, busy, but not full to bursting, June is the smart choice for an Ibiza holiday.

Here we bring you our own Ibiza in June Top Five must do bucket list.

From the traditional charm of the San Juan fiestas, to the vibrant hedonism of Ibiza Gay Pride to the local’s recommendation of Ibiza by Boat, there is something to suit every taste. Important point – this list is just referring to things specific to June or particularly good in June. I have to mention that for two reasons; first, I think I’ll get it in the neck for including number 3 (not exactly an authentic Ibiza experience, but in the context of the coming month I stand by it), and second, I don’t know that I could come up with a list of only 5 things in Ibiza from the complete spectrum of food and drink, music and clubbing, events and activities – just not possible.

If you would like a few hundred more suggestions go to the June tourist special edition of the Ibizan.

#1 – San Juan Fiestas

For those new to Ibiza and staying in one of the big tourist centres such as san Antonio or Playa den Bossa, this is a double recommendation. It does so happen that the San Juan fiesta falls in June, but even if your holiday is before or after the events detailed below, we would certainly recommend a trip to Ibiza’s most northerly municipality.

In San Juan you will find a totally different Ibiza. Rural, comparatively tranquil, and largely undeveloped, it is the home of the hippy Ibiza idyll.

photo cat milton

A trip to San Juan on a Sunday morning is a perfect time to go. On Sundays they hold their weekly market, and the town is alive with colour, aroma and sound.

For those lucky enough to be staying between the 16th and 24th of June, San Juan have a whole host of events on offer to celebrate their annual saints day fiestas, culminating on the 23rd—an occasion that is actually celebrated at various locations throughout Ibiza, not only in San Juan itself.

Noche de Sant Juan

  • 23rd June 2018, Various Locations

June 24th is the Patron Saint’s day of John the Baptist or San Juan. It is widely celebrated all over the world and on mainland Spain, and Ibiza is no exception. Being the patron saint of the town of San Juan, the fiesta and celebrations there are taken very seriously, but there are also celebrations in other parts of the island.

The night of San Juan (La Noche de San Juan) is usually celebrated with music starting in the evening of the 23rd with bonfires and/or fireworks at midnight to see in the 24th. As it occurs just a few days after the Summer Solstice (the longest day on June 21st), it is also used as a celebration of the start of the summer.

Traditionally, and this still happens in some places, people jump over the bonfires, or run over hot coals, as a way of purifying the body and soul. Traditionally, you should throw into the fire something old that represents something you no longer want in your life or a piece of paper where you are meant to write those things you want to change.

It is also customary in Ibiza to eat San Juan macaroni, made with curly noodles cooked in milk, sugar, cinnamon and lemon rind. Other typical cuisine of Ibiza, as orelletes, wine or traditional spirits are also eaten in family homes.

At the time of going to press, details of some of the fiestas on the island had not been released so look out for details (posters, etc.) locally. We do have the schedule of events for Sant Juan itself.

Sant Juan Fiesta

The Sant Juan Festival (San Joan in Catalan) is always a great event to be part of, from tasting the typical food eaten at the time Bunyols, Orelletes and ‘Macaroni’; to the parade of ‘puppets’ and bonfire. Most beaches will have something going on – but to enjoy the ‘real’ thing, head to Sant Joan where the celebrations start on the 16th June!

photo cat milton

Sat June 16

  • 8.30pm, Exhibition opening to commemorate the Diario de Ibiza’s 125th anniversary, The Old Town Hall, Sant Joan
  • 9pm, Fusion India and Ball by the Tukdam Group, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan
  • 10pm, Belly dancing by the Tanit Bellyraks, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan
  • 10.30pm, Ibosim Flamenco, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan
  • 11.30pm, Bollywood Ibiza, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan

Sun June 17

  • 10am – 4pm, Artisans Market with ecological products, Sant Joan
  • 12noon, Ball Pages by the Sa Colla de Balansat Group, San Joan
  • 7pm, Magician Alexis, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan

Sat June 23

  • 9pm -4am, Artisan Market with an Artistic Creative Market of recycled products, Carrer Antic Ajuntament, Sant Joan
  • 10.30pm, Concert ‘Mayor Tom’, Plaça d’Espanya,
  • 11.45pm, The Puppet Parade and Ritual of Four Elements, Plaça d’Espanya, Carrer de Sa Cala i Feixa des Foguerons, Sant Joan
  • 12Midnight, Lighting of the Bonfire of Sant Joan, behind the Church. Audiovisual projections by Bambooo.de in the Church Square, Sant Joan
  • 12.15am, Music with DJAMAL playing disco, funk, soul and house, as well as DJ Iain Donanchie, Carrer Antic Ajuntament, Sant Joan
  • 12.30am, Javi Box & The Selectors DJ’s playing 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan

Sun June 24

  • 10am – 4pm, Artisans Market with ecological products, San Joan
  • 1pm, Ball Pages by the Colla Labritja Group, with Bunyols and Orelletes offered by the Sant Joan Town Hall, Plaça de s´Esglesia (Church Square), Sant Joan
  • 2pm, Parade of Puppetson streets – Carrer Mossen Vicent Ferrer i Guasch Plaça d´Espanya
  • 9pm, Traditional ‘Macaroni’ Contest, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan
  • 9.30pm, Live Music from ‘Rels’, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan
  • 10.30pm, Live Music with ‘Sa Bluesmafia es Saligardos’, Plaça d’Espanya, Sant Joan

#2 – Ibiza Gay Pride

  • Various Locations, Ibiza Town, June 13—June 16
  • Claire B

Ibiza Gay Pride takes place on the island from June 13 to 16. The fourth edition of Ibiza Gay Pride includes a 4-day program of reaffirming cultural and leisure activities aimed at accepting diversity and the struggle for equality of the LGTBIQ community. The motto for this year is ‘for LGTBIQ rights in the world, let’s change the world’, acknowledging that whilst Ibiza is a very tolerant and open-minded place, the experiences of many people around the world are still very different.

One of the most important events is the march for the rights of lesbians, gays, transsexuals, bisexuals, intersexuals and queers, which this year takes place on Saturday June 16. It begins at 7pm from the Fishermen’s Guild in the Port of Ibiza, reaching the Avenida de los Andenes, in the Marina, where the proclamation will be read. Everyone in Ibiza is encouraged to participate in the march, which will be a colourful, loud and fun procession, if other years are to go on. Here are some of the highlights of the programme.

Wednesday June 13

  • Opening exhibition of Lesbian painting with the artist La Rouge and her work ‘Vorágine’, Espai Districte Hipèrbole, Carrer del Metge Riera Ferrer, 6.
  • 9.30-10.30pm. Official welcome and line-up announcement followed by a musical performance. Portal de ses Taules/Mercat Vell area.
  • 8pm-2am. Welcome activities in Calle Alfonso XII and Calle de la Virgen. Drag queens, DJ Leoni Piloto and friends on the terrace of SOD bar and Mona Lisa. Dress up for the special Navy Night in Calle de la Virgen with DJs, drag queens and lots more.

Thursday June 14

  • Screen of the short film ‘Without fear of HIV’, directed by David Arteaga. 10pm Interactive film session with ‘To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything!’. Can Ventosa, Carrer de Felip II.
  • 8pm-2am. Activities in Calle Alfonso XII and Calle de la Virgen. Drag queens, DJ Leoni Piloto and friends on the terrace of SOD bar and Mona Lisa. Dress up for Fetish and Sexy night in Calle de la Virgen with DJs, drag queens and lots more.

Friday June 15

  • 1-6pm. Las Libertinas and Beautiful People present the Flamingo Boat Party.
  • 7.30pm. Talk by Alberto Rodrigo (gay coach), ‘Companies without closets: make yourself visible at work’. He will also present his book ‘Las cosas que nunca te dije’ (The things that I never told you), poems full of soul. Espai Districte Hipèrbole, Carrer del Metge Riera Ferrer, 6.
  • 9.30pm. Sparkling Gran Cabaret LGTBI – ‘C.I.P.O.T.O.H.N.’ – in this show we will cure your homophobia. Circus cabaret comedy directed by the Acrobatik company. Can Ventosa, Carrer de Felip II.
  • 8pm-2am. Activities in Calle Alfonso XII and Calle de la Virgen. Drag queens, DJ Leoni Piloto and friends on the terrace of SOD bar and Mona Lisa. DJs, drag queens in Calle de la Virgen with a fashion show at 10pm.

Saturday June 16

  • Gay Pride March from the Fishermen’s Guild in the Port of Ibiza to Avenida de los Andenes in the Marina.
  • 9.30pm. Reading of the manifesto 2018, on the stage located at the Monument to the Corsairs of the Port of Ibiza.
  • 10-12pm. Party for diversity, tolerance and respect, in the port.
  • 8-12pm. Activities in Calle Alfonso XII and Calle de la Virgen. Drag queens, DJ Leoni Piloto and friends on the terrace of SOD bar and Mona Lisa. DJs, drag queens in Calle de la Virgen with a Flirt and Cruising Get Together.
  • 12-6am. Main party Ibiza Gay Pride 2018 @ Gallery B12. With DJs Pablo Palumbo and Alex Hinohouse. B12, Carrer Antoni Planells Ferrer, 1.

Full details of everything in the programme and the associated parties are on the website.


#3 – The World Cup

We’ll be the first to admit that the idea of watching football on TV whilst downing a few pints may not make it onto the cool and cultured hit-list, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

Berate us as Neanderthals all you want, for many people (I nearly wrote ‘many men’ – but may as well try and pc this up a bit) there are few greater pleasures than the few weeks of saturation football afforded them every 4 years by way of the world cup.

Unless you are brave or insane enough to be travelling out to Russia, the next best place to watch the tournament has to be under the Mediterranean sun.

For those on the San Antonio side of the island there will be no shortage of bars guaranteeing a great atmosphere for the England games—and as a special treat for those from the British and Irish teams who didn’t make it to the finals, we might suggest Kilties Scottish bar in the West End as a great choice for those that love to see the three lions lose.

For those in Ibiza Town and Playa Den Bossa who would prefer a home-grown pub to enjoy the action, it has to be Father Jacks in Figueretes—the branding may be Irish, but owner Paul is a true blue Evertonian.

In Cala Llonga head up to the Mariposa for the warmest of welcomes from Palace die-hard Joe, and the added bonus that if things don’t go according to plan (and let’s face it, they never do) you’ll be in such a sweet setting you’ll soon forget your football sorrows.

Another big bonus of watching the world cup in Ibiza is that pretty well every game has a passionate following. You might have to hunt out the support for Japan or Iran, but  you’ll find plenty followers of all the big guns plus most South American teams and Senegal, all of whom have big communities here in Ibiza. Every football fan knows that any game is made better by atmosphere, so consider you world cup automatically enhanced.

The group stage matches get underway on the 14th of June, with England’s matches on the 18th, 24th and 28th. Spain play on the 15th, 20th and 25th.

#4 – Salinas Beach & Sa Trinxa

The recommendation is is actually for Salinas Beach and its Chiringuito (beach bar) Sa Trinxa. There is little dispute among those of us that live here that Ibiza in high season is getting overcrowded to the point of madness. Ibiza has always been a popular destination, but to put it in perspective, 10 years ago the August peak in numbers was achieved in May 2017. There is no way this recommendation would appear on our list for August, but you have had the good sense to visit before the mid-summer surge, and at this time of year a trip to Salinas beach, and particularly the Sa Trinxa chiringuito, will be a day you will remember for life.

photo robert redek

Salinas beach is on Ibiza’s southern tip. It adjoins the salt marshes from which the Island earned much of its living before the days of tourism.

Walk to the far Eastern end of the beach and you will find Sa Trinxa, a bar that has managed to retain its unfussy rustic roots while most of the island has climbed aboard the  luxury and vip bandwagon.

Sa Trinxa is bohemian shabby chic, with a healthy dose of freak. Best enjoyed by leaving your mobile phone and watch behind you, and just letting life be.

Settle down on the beach for a sun, swim, repeat rotation, then saunter on in to the shack for a lunch of fresh fish and lashings of Sangria. At some point in the hours to follow you will utter the phrase, ‘ah, this is the life’, guaranteed, and hopefully you will realise your walking pace is somehow slower, like for the first time in ages you don’t actually have to be anywhere.

Your entertainment will be in live human form from the characters around you, plus the not to be sniffed at quality DJ line up including the famed Jon Sa Trinxa.

If you are a natural born dancer you’ll enjoy the late afternoon sun as the beat increases in tempo slightly and impromptu booty shaking begins in pockets of beach-dwellers, and if you are not a dancer, you could have one more brilliant surprise to come as you suddenly find you have become one—it has been known many a time.

Getting to Salinas is a bit of a trek– and warning; getting a taxi away from the beach can mean a long and tedious  wait, but all effort is worth it 10 times over.

#5 Charter Boat

Prior to writing this article, I put a social media post out asking Ibiza’s local residents for their June recommendations. Their top reply by some margin was to  have a day on a boat.

There are several good reasons why that would be; The sea temperature in June is up to 21°c. Aside from the occasional half hearted shower, or very occasional, and usually very brief, summer storm, the weather is hot and clear—usually between 22° and 28°, though the ‘real feel’ in combination with the sea breeze is often well into the 30s. Boat charter prices are seasonal, and in June you can still take advantage of the mid season pricing—kerching!

Aside from the June-specific reasons, a boat charter is fantastic at any time of year—a truly memorable day that will live with you for the rest of your life. Is it expensive? Well it is all relative I guess. How much is that lifetime memory worth? The thing of it is, that in a large group it actually isn’t expensive at all.

We asked our supporting advertiser Boats Ibiza for some prices. Their link is below and of course we’d like you to go there—it is the advertisers who pay for the newspaper—but this isn’t a pitch. There are plenty of boat charter companies, but one word of advice, if you go elsewhere PLEASE be sure you are confident in the company, that they are traceable, and insured. It is a sector that attracts a lot of here-today-gone-tomorrow businesses, who can just take your hefty deposit and run. Anyway, here are the prices Boats Ibiza gave us.


Shared between the max capacity of 9 people, the 40ft Comanche averages out at 134€ plus fuel per person. Taking into account that the price includes all drinks—beer, wine, cava etc, and you’d have to consider that an Ibiza bargain! To put it in perspective that will get you entry and a few drinks at one of Ibiza’s top super-club nights.

Admittedly a Dad of a family of 4 may wince at taking the whole cost on himself, but with boats available from around 500€, at Charter boat is a treat that should be accessible to most.


Right, enough of the value talk—let’s get a little sexier. Ibiza Boats 60ft Predator has been the charter choice of Nicole Scherzinger, Alesha Dixon and Pixie Lott. Think 2,500€ for that superstar sensation.

disco volante

You want more? How about Disco Volante, previous owner a certain Roman Abramovich. Price? Come, come, if you have to ask :-)

However attractive a charter boat may be, we appreciate that there will be some people reading this who cannot stretch their budget to it this time. Fortunately there are many group boat trips departing around the island that will cost you little more than the cost of a meal—and still give that unique perspective of Ibiza’s natural beauty.


Bonus #6 – Ignore All Advice, Including This

Though I stand by these as stand out June highlights, there is one additional recommendation I have to give in any month of visiting Ibiza, and that is just to wander off without any purpose whatsoever. People will be queuing up to recommend this place or that, and usually well intended, but the best surprises, the best times, the best friends, the best of everything Ibiza has to offer are all most likely to come from spontaneity. Just set off in your hire car, or step out on foot. Take an easy pace and just see what happens. Stop at an unassuming little restaurant, get drawn to a gathering of people having fun, put a smile on your face and Ibiza will smile right back at you. The very best advice I can ever give, is not to take advice.

Explore, you’ll have the best time of all.