Ibiza Jobs; it’s all good on the employment front! Figures for the end of season month October show a big drop in unemployment & big increase in new contracts issued.

03/11/2016; Nick Gibbs



The number of people registered as seeking work in Ibiza and Formentera has dropped again during the telling end of season month of October.

Figures released today by the Balearic Statistics institute (Institut d’Estadística de les Illes Balears), IBESTAT, show that the number of registered Jobseekers in October fell by 2,384 year on year – more than double the drop of 954 from 2014 to 2015.

We felt our readers may be interested in the ratio of us Johnny Foreigner types registering for work and so we have shown those figures separately to Spanish citizens. A whopping 30% of those seeking work are non-Spanish – figures that if transferred to the U.K. would probably have the Daily Mail calling for all out race war.


New Employment

The situation is even rosier for Ibiza jobs as far as new contracts are concerned.

Compared to an almost static return between October 2014 and 2015, the year on year change from October 2015 to 2016 has seen an additional 961 employment contracts issued, representing an increase in new Ibiza jobs of 19%.

Interestingly your chances of getting a job as a foreigner are identical to the ratio of foreign unemployed, with 30% of Ibiza jobs registered being taken by non-Spanish nationals.


By Municipality

The breakdown of unemployed by municipality is broadly speaking in line with population, however when compared to the same information relating to new contracts issued the statistics do throw up one big anomaly.

As was the case with our recent Tourism Statistics, it is again San Jose showing itself to be the boom town of Ibiza and unfortunately it is San Antonio lagging behind again.

Whereas San Antonio represents 19% of the unemployed, only 9% of new contracts were issued in the borough. Conversely San Jose accounts for 15% of the unemployed, but had over 1,500 new employment contracts issued, representing 25% of the total.




It is impossible to make any definite conclusions from data based on the last 3 Octobers, but it is an important month for employment in Ibiza and there is no doubt the signs are very positive.

One small caveat is that several holiday companies extended their season to the very end of October this year, and so perhaps there are some seasonal workers who would normally register in October that will show up a month later in the November returns.

Whether there are any delayed surprises in the unemployment figures, the big increase in new contracts issued has to be entirely good news, we’ll take it, and much more of the same.