We all know that a night out in Ibiza’s superclubs is not going to come cheap – no surprise there. But a report by holiday renting portal hometogo.com claims that Ibiza is not only expensive, but is the most expensive clubbing destination worldwide, costing 30% more than 2nd place Las Vegas for their shopping basket of club entry and drinks.

Global Survey

hometogo.com used a variety of sources including event ticket and clubbing review websites to narrow down their global top 50 clubbing destinations.

They then contacted “at least five” of the major clubs in the destinations and obtained prices for a shopping basket of:-

  • Cover charge: Cost of entry on a Saturday night.
  • Price of a beer: 12 oz. domestically produced beer. (that’s a 330ml bottle)
  • Price of a long drink: One regular gin & tonic.
  • Price of a shot: 1 oz. vodka. (28ml)

Ibiza Most Expensive

For Ibiza their report gives figures of club entry at 55€, 12,30€ for a beer, 16,35€ for a gin and tonic, and 8,20€ for a shot. This adds up to 88,24€.

Next most expensive were Las Vegas at 62€, New York at 51€, and Zurich at 49€.

It seems that beer drinkers are suffering the most, with Ibiza’s 12,30€ almost twice that of the 6,67€ charged in L.A., with nobody else on the list charging over 8€.

At the other end of the scale Capetown is the cheapest clubbing capital at just 13,20€ for the same shopping basket, followed in second, and Europe’s cheapest, Warsaw at 15,46€.

Ibiza also claims number one spot in the ‘most clubs per head of population’ category, with Warsaw last in 50th place, giving some demonstration that the economic principle that competition drives price competitiveness does not seem to apply in the world of clubbing.


So how seriously should we take these statistics? We give credit to hometogo.com for detailing their data gathering methods and analysis techniques.

But at the end of the day they are statistics compiled with the prime aim of clickbaiting (which of course we have replicated by re-publishing them), and we wouldn’t take them too seriously.

As we all know, Ibiza offers opportunities to enjoy yourself for far less, and if you choose to, for far more.

A definition of what is expensive is much like beauty, very much in the eye (or wallet) of the beholder.

Read the full club price index report here.

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