BIT Foundation will have an office in Ibiza from the first quarter of 2018

BIT in Mallorca

The Balearic Foundation for Innovation and Technology are already well established in Mallorca where they opened Parc Bit in 2002.

The Parc Bit science and technology park is located just outside of Palma, near the University, and has been a success story in encouraging the start up and growth of innovation and technology based businesses who thrive within the beehive of mutually supporting neighbours.

Many of the businesses are focused on the tourism sector, and the parc now house the employment of over 2,500 people. In addition to the smaller and independent companies, Parc Bit businesses include those the stature of Microsoft and Trivago.

BIT Ibiza

BIT Foundation will have its own space in the center of Sa Coma, the heart of Ibiza Old Town Ibiza from the first quarter of 2018.

The organisation offer advice and resources, including obtaining funding and grant aid, to companies working in all fields of entrepreneurial innovation.

Agreement on the Ibiza base was reached at a meeting held at the headquarters of the Consell Insular d’Eivissa attended by President Vicente Torres, the first vice-president and Minister for many things Viviana Sans, director general of Research and Innovation of the Balearic Government, Josep Lluís Pons, and the director of the BIT Foundation, Peter Carpenter.

Agreement reached for Ibiza base in advance of the full BIT centre

The purpose of the meeting was focused on how and when to implement the future BIT Center in Ibiza. The local base for BIT is in advance of a redevelopment plan for buildings as a permanent base also in Sa Coma. It is hoped the new Ibizan BIT can be open for 2019.


“Both institutions are in line and hope to lay the groundwork for 2019 as a reality that BIT Center, which will promote the wealth of knowledge, innovation and technological advice to entrepreneurs and businesses” said Viviana Sans, continuing to confirm that the Ibizan centre will have all the services that already exist in the Parc Bit Palma and technical advisory services, defining business model innovation and the identification and capture investments.

For his part, the Director General of Research and Innovation of the Balearic Government, Josep Lluís Pons pointed out that, although so far the BIT Park has not had a permanent presence in Ibiza, it has still developed initiatives on the island, “During this term we have organized seminars, together with the Council to identify the entrepreneurial potential in the field of innovation in Ibiza. The first day was an entrepreneurial discovery process in which 40 companies took part of Ibiza and Formentera, and subsequently conducted a think-tank in which 50 companies participated.”

Pons commented that the BIT activities are particularly useful for identifying emerging sectors of Ibiza, and this “has resulted in the modification of smart specialization strategy of the Balearic Islands, incorporating both the cultural and creative industries.”

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