Ibiza Preservation Foundation have published key findings across a range of metrics relating to Ibiza’s environmental, economic and social standing, with some areas of change demonstrating startling results in short time scales.

Sustainable Farming

Though Ibiza’s development is well known by all, the sheer rate of change will surprise many. In just 10 years Ibiza has seen its agricultural land reduce from 26,579 hectares in 2008 to 6,075 remaining in 2018. This 77% reduction reflects plummeting harvests across all crops, with the exception of grapes whose production went from 60 tons in 2014 to 395 in 2018, and wine production went from 395 tons to 1,952 in the same period.

Unsurprisingly, this slump in land and output has seen a sharp drop in the number of agricultural workers too, however some will see a little solace in the one positive figure, the increase in organic production, which has gone from occupying 385 hectares in 2008 to 746.6 in 2019. Organic producers have gone from 46 to 90.

Waste Collection & Recycling

Though recycling increased by 9% in 2019 compared to 2018, the total amount of waste recycled in Ibiza still stands at just 17.1%, far short of the legal requirement of 50%.

Campaigners highlight that Ibiza still does not have any method of collecting organic waste separately from general landfill. Around the island, Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia and Sant Josep all perform at similar levels of around 20%, whilst San Antonio continues to fall behind the pack with only 14% of their waste recycled.

Emissions & Air Quality

Good news here as, following the Endesa plant reducing its use of fossil fuels by 75%, CO2 emissions have fallen considerably – in 2018 each Ibicenco represented 6.7 tons, a drop of 9.4% on the previous year.

Marine Ecology

Mixed indicators here with ups and downs over the past decade, however overall there is little doubt that the trend is downward. In 2010 41 beaches scored ‘excellent’. In 2019 that number had reduced to 31, with 8 dropping to ‘good’ and 2 to ‘satisfactory’.

In relation to the precious eco-system in the waters around Ibiza, reports of destruction to the Posidonia meadows are rarely away from the news any longer than reports of effluent spills, and raw sewage pumping into the sea.

More Information

The Ibiza Preservation Fund indicators and reports cover many more topics, everything that affects Ibizans’ quality of life and our island’s wellbeing, including topics such as the quality and supply of our drinking water to equal opportunities to urban management.

The full report is in Spanish only and can be downloaded here https://ibizapreservation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/INFORME-DE-SOSTENIBILIDAD-DE-IBIZA-2019-DEF2.pdf

However, for those who prefer it, each topic has a summary infographic in English here  https://ibizapreservation.org/data/indicators/  Click a topic and scroll down. We have shown a few examples below.