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UD Ibiza are riding high, the highest for 60 years no less, and are now playing in the heady heights of the Spanish national Segunda B.

Read all about their rapid ascent in our article The Rise and Rise of UD Ibiza

All fired up and ready to lend your support? You’ll be needing to get your colours.

We’ve details of the UD Ibiza official kit, plus a special edition 3rd Strip designed for Santa Eulalia’s SCR Peña Deportiva.

UD Ibiza

The 1st Strip in Sky Blue, the 2nd is Blood Red.

The Shirt comes in sizes from teeny-tiny to fat. Junior Xs (122-128cm), Junior S (128-137cm), Junior M (137-147cm), Junior L (147-158cm), Junior Xl (158-170cm), S, M, L, XL, XXL

All sizes cost 65€

If you are ready to lend your support, but not 65€ worth, you might fancy the scarf at a cool tenner.

Buy your UD kit on the club website shop

SCR Peña Deportiva

A proper footy shirt for the aficionado regardless of team allegiances, Hummel have designed a special edition 3rd strip for Santa Eulalia side SCR Peña Deportiva, or just Peña to their friends.

Cool as they come, though it seems Hummel do try to undo some of that cool with their website description,

“SCR Peña Deportiva in Santa Eulária des Riu, Ibiza, is in for loads of good karma in the coming season, where they’ll be sporting a football jersey with a peaceful disco Buddha on the front. This colourful jersey has an undeniable summer vibe that’s perfect for fun in the sun. The jersey shows off Ibiza’s skyline on the back. You’ll find unique hummel® branding on the front and our iconic chevrons on the sleeves. A great pick if you like a jersey that stands out!”

Well, we still like it anyway. Some nice detail touches too.

Seems you can’t be fat and cool though as this one only goes up to XL, but as it’s not for goalies that should be enough.

Cheap by comparison with most footy shirts – cost you just £35.

Buy the Peña Deportiva shirt at . 

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