Autumn Food & Drink

And Breathe …

For many people employed in Ibiza’s travel and tourism sector, October gives the first chance for several months to breathe, and with it enjoy some of the Ibiza Food & Drink nights out that we have all been yearning for.

After a long hard summer, it is finally possible to take some time, meet friends, and enjoy some of the islands fantastic restaurants that remain open throughout the winter months.

Even for those not employed in travel and tourism, it is for many a preference to avoid the madding crowds of summer and instead indulge themselves in the autumn tranquillity.

Crowds aside, autumn also heralds the return of Ibiza’s many gastronomic festivals offering fantastic value and the opportunity to enjoy some deliciously themed menus.


Bondi offers the perfect location for those who love to people watch and for those wanting to catch up with friends.

Situated on the main fountain square of the San Antonio marina front, Bondi offers a menu which reaches out to  people who consider their body a temple, and also those who want to give in to their body’s most wicked cravings.

Their menu offers a range of healthy salads, protein shakes, vegetarian options, just look at this Veggie Burger of all veggie burgers.


On the ‘dark side’ they also serve big fat juicy steaks, ribs and burgers prepared on their special sealed grill retaining all that smoky goodness, or badness, depending on your outlook.

Villa Mercedes

Villa Mercedes have returned to their lunchtime opening and are now open from 1pm to 1am, 7 days a week.

Offering wonderful views across the San Antonio marina on warmer days and a cosy stylish interior when the weather is not quite so favourable, Villa Mercedes offers the highest quality cuisine accessible at average man pricing. Their set menus start at just 15€for three courses, 19€ on weekends.

For a special occasion, or simply to use up some of that summer cash that has been burning a hole in your pocket, their 55€ Menu Degustacion takes high quality and elevates it to the sublime.

There is a lot to be said for sitting back and letting a Chef present, what feels like a never-ending succession of dishes, in front of you. On our recent visit, there were so many worthy of accolade but after a discussion that left us salivating in reminiscence, we have decided to award the Galego entrecote  as our number one choice.


A cut of the very highest standard, cooked to rare perfection, that being perfectly rare. However it was the accompaniments that took it to ’Masterchef’ standards. Served with baby carrots, pickled red onion and green mojo sauce.

El Portalon

Brought to us by the people behind Babylon Beach, which alone is a very good recommendation, El Portalon is newly opened in the Dalt Vila. For those who have not yet heard of El Portalon, please remember that you heard it here first.

That may not amount to many people, as it is already a huge hit and has been fully booked for most, if not all, evening service.


Those who know Babylon Beach will know El Portalon is going to be as cool as a Heston Blumenthal cucumber.  Uber chic with a good dash of freak, El Portalon is bound to be the place to eat and to be seen over the winter months.

Tapas Restaurant & Lounge

This is a last call for Tapas who will be staying open for the next week or few before taking their winter break.

Best not to risk leaving it too late and the great thing about going to Tapas at this time of year is that whereas the height of the season finds their terrace packed pretty well every night, you should be able to get a table with relative ease*.

Their inspired range of tapas cannot be pigeonholed into a particular style of cooking; but the commonality across the menu is flavour.

At Tapas it is all about the taste. It seems everybody agrees with us on this one. Although they don’t like to boast about it (sorry Tony and Becky but I am boasting on your behalf), you do not get to be number 1 on TripAdvisor for many months without good reason.

Everybody has their Tapas top ten, and for many this would include their signature dish Popeye which is a ‘must try’


For me 2016 at Tapas is all about the scallops. I know, I know, apologies to any friends reading this who will be bored by my constant exultation of this mollusc marvel, but they really are just too good. They also sum up what Tapas is all about, quality produce, cooked simply but with an added touch of inspiration resulting in outstanding flavours.

*Don’t blame us if it is still busy, we recommend booking.

Mint Lounge

Locals of any length standing will already know that Mint is the sunset strips first to open and last to close bar/restaurant.

At the beginning and end of the year it becomes resident central. Of course this is in part people catching up, but even if we took away that social aspect it would still stand as a top tip due to the amazing food of chef Lorenzo and his kitchen crew, along with the hospitable  welcome and service of manager Jonny and the front of house team.

Mint’s Menu del Dia offers great value from 12noon to 4pm with three courses at 13.50€, and in the evening the full menu offers something for every appetite.


Of all the food tasted at Mint, I rave to anybody that will listen about Lorenzo’s fish, he seems to have a particularly deft touch, but as an absolute must, we have to tell you about his cheesecake. Simply the best ever tasted. I mean just look at it.


And finally, we must not forget the Drink part of Food and Drink.

Though the streets may be getting quiet and the hotels slowly closing down, there are still some flying the flag for those who want to carry on the party.


Sitting at the crossroads of San Antonio and San Antonio Bay, Bucanero offer a nightly diet of dance ‘til you drop where the shots never stop. And to be sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, I’ll repeat that, they  never, ever, stop. Which is an entirely good thing and as it should be for  the bar that puts the party into people.

Open until 5am every night, with resident DJ Northern Monkey (who gets his second mention in this week’s issue) and showing big screen sports earlier in the evenings.

Keep a look out for their closing party coming up on the 22nd.