Ibiza Drugs Problem No Worse Than Mallorca or Madrid, But 20 Times More Ketamine

  • Can Misses deals with 6 cases of drug abuse per day.
  • 60% of cases have tested for multiple drugs
  • 20% of cases in Ibiza test positive for Ketamine

by Nick Gibbs

In a presentation by two of the Balearics most senior emergency services and toxicology staff, detailed information has been released regarding the level and type of drug abuse cases being treated on the island.

Ibiza Drugs; "No Worse Than Mallorca or Madrid, But 20 Times More Ketamine" ...
Ibiza Drugs; "No Worse Than Mallorca or Madrid, But 20 Times More Ketamine" ...

Attending was Jordi Puiguriguer, a toxicologist and Balearic president of the Spanish association of accident and emergency medicine (Semes). He was joined by María de los Ángeles Leciñena, head of the Can Misses emergency department and also Pitiuses representative to Semes.


Polydrug Use

They revealed that more than 60% of those being treated for drug related issues at Can Misses emergency department had tested to show they had taken more than one substance.

This polydrug usage was found to be far higher in Ibiza than other areas.

Testing is being undertaken as part of a study by Mallorca’s hospital de Son Espases.


Ibiza also has a far higher level of Ketamine usage. Results from Ibiza found 20% of patients to have consumed Ketamine, compared to just 1% in Mallorca.

The most common drug identified was Ecstasy, identified in 90% of the 150 cases analysed.

Drug abuse accounts for 3% of all cases dealt with at Ibiza’s Can Misses hospital.

Chemical Submission

Some of those included in the test were patients stating they had been drugged as a result of attempted rape or robbery. This ‘chemical submission’ is considered an increasingly common problem.

Both Puiguriguer and Leciñena stressed that though Ibiza’s drug abuse treatments were different in nature, overall the level of cases is not considerably greater than areas such as Mallorca, Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid