More Ibiza Drivers Test Positive For Drugs Than Alcohol.

These are the results of a special operation undertaken by national and local police in Ibiza over the last weekend.

More Drugs than Drunk

The National Police and the Local Police of Ibiza carried out different controls of drugs, alcohol and ‘citizen security’ at different check-points in Ibiza Town on the nights of October 13 and 14.

The results of the controls have been 25 complaints for driving under the influence of drugs and 7 complaints for driving under the influence of alcohol, plus 1 reported infringement of driving without the correct licence.

Perhaps the most remarkable of all the results is that of the 115 vehicles stopped in the controls, 47 of them were found to be in possession of a narcotic substance.

Abandoned Cars

In a separate initiative the Local Police of Ibiza removed 27 vehicles deemed abandoned throughout the municipality last Saturday October 12th.

Of the cars removed, 19 were taken on the grounds of not holding compulsory insurance cover.


Despite these alarming results in Ibiza, none come close to a man apprehended following a police car chase through the streets of Seville at the weekend.

On arrest the driver was found to have no car driving licence, only a provisional moped licence, and was driving with one arm in a plaster cast.

His car was found to be full of weapons and drug paraphernalia, and when tested for drugs he was positive for all five of cocaine, opiates, benzodiazepines, cannabis and amphetamine.

In a statement issued to Police the man said “English hooligans made me do it”. Probably.

  • (stock image, not of weekend controls)