photo: ib3 diario de ibiza

An international operation involving Police from Spain and the U.S.A. Department of Homeland Security, has made a series of arrests busting a drug dealing operation wide open. 

A total of 21 arrests have been made in the operation, with more anticipated. Police sources have pointed towards an Ibiza DJ as heading the drugs business on the island, using his network of contacts in the nightlife industry to distribute the product, which they say has been limited to a smaller scale of operation through private villa parties in 2020.

Search / Seizure

A total of 8 properties were searched in Ibiza and the provinces of barcelona and Girona. 

From the Ibiza searches seizures were made totalling:-

  • 8kg of Ketamine and Ecstasy
  • 38kg of Marijuana prepared for sale.
  • 4,500 Marijuana plants
  • 45,000 Euros in cash
  • Specially converted drug smuggling vehicle
  • 1 Shotgun
  • Various computers, tools and devices.

Jesus Apartment

The Ibizan Police operation was centred on a property at 22 Ostruz Street in Jesus, on the northern outskirts of Ibiza Town. 

A man aimed a shotgun at Police entering the premises. He later explained he thought their house was being attacked by a rival drugs gang. He lowered his weapon as soon as he realised it was in fact a Police raid.


Police arrested five people at the scene, three men and two women. Their report states those arrested to be of Spanish, Latin American and one of Romanian nationality. The police also state that the the gang leader is a known and active DJ in Ibiza who had used his extensive nightlife contacts to facilitate sale and distribution of the drugs, though they said his operation had been scaled down to private villa parties in 2020 due to the pandemic affect of the nightclub sector.  


The operation in partnership with the United States Department of Homeland Security started in October 2019. 

It was discovered that the gang were exporting drugs using human mules in luggage from Spain to Miami.

Three people have been arrested in Miami as part of the operation where a further 15kg of MDMA and 14kg of liquid Ketamine were also seized. 

Barcelona & Palma

Further arrests were made in Spain including an individual holding 18kg of MDMA in Barcelona, and another with 14.5kg of MDMA in Palma, Mallorca. Both of these arrests were considered to be mules. 


Police seizures include 120,000 ecstacy tablets, from which they project the gang were responsible for sales of 2 million pills over the past 3 years. 

This operation, supervised by the Court of Instruction No. 9 of Palma and by the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office of the Balearic Islands, has been carried out by the Civil Guard Zone of the Balearic Islands together with the Team Against Organized Crime (ECO) of the Central Unit Operative of the Civil Guard and the HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) of the United States, with the support of Units of the Barcelona and Girona Command.