Ibiza Dance: Bollywood Classes

  • Ibiza Dance, Bollywood Classes in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza Town & San Antonio
    • Nick Gibbs

Vrinda Vishal has a passion for dance. Starting with ballet at age 5, she has  waltzed, tango’d, salsa’d bopped and even hip-hopped her  entire life. But it was Bollywood, a dance vibrant in positive energy as it is in colour, that truly captivated her dancing soul.

Though I would hazard a guess the vast majority of English speaking readers will not need Bollywood dance explained, it far less well known in Spain. We must therefore count ourselves lucky to have Bollywood on the Island. We asked Vrinda to tell us more….

(note that the images within the text are of Vrinda and her dancers. They are rather low resolution so we have used a stock photo as the featured image)

  • Tell us about your classes?

My classes are very varied, cheerful, entertaining, and fun. I teach steps of many different styles of Indian dances adapted to Bollywood and the choreography we learn is also very varied. Some more fused with classical dance and others with Folkloric. We learn mudras (hand gestures), and we also learn to express well what we mean by the posture, and expression of the body as a whole.


I really like the Fusion Kathak Bollywood, or Garba Bollywood. I always try to include a high dose of hip movement to my choreography. It’s what I have left after having danced Tahitian and Hawaiian times.

  • What is your dance background?

My experience as a teacher started six years ago, when I started teaching Bollywood classes to a group of friends and since then I have not stopped teaching it is what I am most passionate about.

ibiza-dance-vrindaI was interested in dance from an early age. I attended Ballet classes from 5 years old until 16 and later I had the opportunity to meet and learn a little bit of Rock & Roll, Tango, Sirtaki, Waltz, and Bachata. Later, in college, I attended classes in Funky, Hip-hop (with ETB dancer and TV presenter Izaskun Forcada) and later salsa and oriental dance.

Later I discovered this style of dance from India and everything that this implies. The Bollywood dance is a fusion of folk dances and classical dances of India along with steps of other dances around the world. A real fusion.

I have received classes of classical Indian dance like Odissi, Kathak and Barathnatyam, next to folkloric like Kalbelya, Goomar, Bhangra, and Rajasthani dance.

For this, I travel to India as much as possible and attend various classes such as Professor Hemant’s Rajasthan and the famous choreographer and great dancer of Mumbai T.V. Ashish Patil, who comes to Spain every year. For some years I also received classes of Polinesia dance and formed a group with my partner called Hinanui.

I have also created an Indian cultural association called “House Of India” to publicise this culture.

I currently attend events and parties Holi of colours with my group (Narayana Bollywood Dance) formed by my students, and I teach Bollywood classes all year in 3 municipalities of the island.

Some weekends I also travel to intensive workshops in the rest of the Balearic Islands, such as Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera, as well as the Basque Country, the place where I was born.

  • Is it a good dance for beginners?

Definitely!! Bollywood dance requires no experience whatsoever. It is fun then learning is easy and enjoyable.

  • Men and women, young and old?

Yes. The men help to give colour and fun to the choreography. Men are very welcome. I hope that with time we will encourage more. There is no minimum or maximum age. Classes are open to anyone who has an interest and desire to learn and enjoy my classes.

Students do not need to speak Spanish, though it is a very fun way to learn! My classes attract English students and in those classes I give most of the explanations in English.

  • Where are the classes based?

The classes are in Santa Eulalia, Ciel azul, C/Levante, 7-Cala Martina, on Tuesdays and Sundays from 18:00 to 19:30.

And in San Antonio, Orlov, S.Antonio S.Josep Road s/n, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 16:00 to 17:30

In winter, there are also classes in Ibiza  Townin the morning, Vila Jove, C/Castilla, 19, from 11:30am to 1:00pm and in the afternoon Wednesday and Friday from 18:00 to 19:30 in the Centre of Creative Music of Puig den Valls.

  • How much do classes cost?

1 class per week (4 per month) is 40€ per month.

2 classes per week (8 per month) is 50€ per month.

We are quite flexible, you can pay as you go and if you miss a class at one centre you can take it in another.

  • What is the duration?

Classes last 1.5 hours and the monthly fee is paid in the first 7 days of the month. Classes are continued throughout the summer.

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Dressed in Indian costume and jewellery, the Narayana group always offers a fun and lively show for all ages. Normally it consists of a show hour with animation included and the most lively songs from India. We have also collaborated in many different Holi festivals on the island.

I encourage everyone to try this style of dance, it is so little known in Spain but it raises real passions in other countries.

Of all the dances I have known throughout my career, Bollywood dance is the richest, the most colourful, the most joyful, and the most rewarding.

More info at: Https://www.facebook.com/vrinda.vishal.3