Photo: Laboratorio de microbiología de Can Misses, courtesy Diario de Ibiza, ASEF

More events are being rescheduled due to the outbreak.

Spanish experts warn that Covid-19 may be spreading through homes and Consell de Ibiza President Vicent Marí asks for population testing in Ibiza and Formentera.

Ibiza Covid-19; Rescheduled Events, Spreading in Homes and Possible Population Testing
Ibiza Covid-19; Rescheduled Events, Spreading in Homes and Possible Population Testing

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Events Rescheduled 

Sueños de Libertad

The fifth edition of  Festival will now take place in June 2021. The event was due to take place in the Bastion of Santa Llúcia, Dalt Vila on the 19th and 20th June. Organisers had considered the option to reschedule for later this year however Adrian Rodriguez, one of the organisers stated to the Diario de Ibiza “We have endured as much as we can, we have considered different options, such as moving it to September, but the uncertainty continues and at this moment it is impossible to close cartels and know if all the restrictions have been removed, so we have made the decision that we believe that it is more responsible to postpone the fifth edition next year, in the month of June, as planned this year.” Further information and dates will be provided next year.

Ibiza Blue Challenge

The next edition of the Ibiza Blue Challenge Triathlon Test was due to take place on the 6th June 2020. The Blue Challenge consists of a half distance triathlon, an Olympic triathlon, swim race, night run and a photo contest. The new date for the next edition will be 5th June 2021, and in the next few days will have the updated event and registration will be open. 

Covid-19 Spreading In Homes

As testing on health workers and ‘front-liners’ is increasing, figures are showing that in around 130,000 cases of infection, the source of the contagion is unknown. This is leading experts to believe that the spread is taking place in homes. 

“There has been transmission inside and outside of the home and in assistance centres,” says Miquel Porta, professor of preventive medicine and public health at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

“There has been transmission in the home and in senior residences. Also in essential activities that have continued operating, like health services, supermarkets and so on,” adds José Martínez Olmos, who was general secretary of health under the José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero administration between 2005 and 2011, and now teaches at Andalusia’s Public Health School.

Complaints about the lack of data and poor quality of the figures are common among specialists. Spanish coronavirus deaths reported are not even accurate, given that only people who have been tested for coronavirus are being included in the official tally. This leaves out individuals with symptoms who die in their homes or at nursing homes without ever getting tested.

Consell Asks To Test Ibiza’s Population

The President of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Marí, has asked Francina Armengol, President of the Government to promote “a rapid test campaign throughout the population of the islands” starting with those essential workers and those returning to work after the 2 week economic hibernation.

Taking into account data from health experts, Marí stated that around “5%” of the population are asymptomatic to the virus “but maintain the risk of transmitting the disease” which is why control is necessary, “from all possible perspectives, the transmission of Covid-19 and to prevent outbreaks of contagion. “

Marí indicated that, despite understanding the difficulty of implementing such a vast measure, screening of the entire population can guarantee better control over infections and the negative effects at the end of the isolation.

The objective of this control measure is to achieve “zero contagion in the Islands and give the perception of being a safe and controlled space for visitors who will be able to travel to the archipelago when ports and airports are reopened,” concluded Marí.