Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca enter Phase 1 from Monday May 11th. 

This guide is written for the Phase 1 regulations as they apply to the Balearics. It is written in good faith. Most points apply nationally, however there is some local flexibility, so if reading this in other parts of Spain it is best to also check locally. 

Does it all make sense? To us, frankly, no. The regulations do not all make perfect sense, nor do all seem logical. However, these are the regulations and there is little point whining about it.

We will do our best to answer any requests for clarification, but sometimes the answers are simply not available. As with the entire state of alarm process, much depends on the interpretation of the official or police officer on the ground. Our best advice in this respect is to stay calm, keep smiling, and be co-operative. 

Movement Around the Island & Region


According to national guidelines phase one would include the ability to travel within your own province/region. For us in Ibiza that means we can travel within the four Balearic Islands. However, we have not yet seen any official directive detailing increased flights or ferry services beyond the existing skeleton services that have been available throughout the state of alarm. We will clarify this when we can. 

Ibiza & Formentera

It is now possible to travel throughout the island, however certain restrictions are in place for certain activities where it is only possible to travel within your home municipality. The following guidelines on the individual regulations and guidelines will confirm where the restrictions apply as far as we are able. 

Meetings Up To 10 People

You can now meet in groups of up to 10 people that do not share the same residence, however the places you are able to meet are restricted to private homes and the public terraces of bars and cafes.

It is not permitted, for example, for a group of people from different homes to stop and talk in the street or using public benches etc. 

It is permitted, for example, for a family of four in Santa Eulalia to travel to visit the home of a family of five in Sant Josep.

It is permitted, for example, for four individual friends to arrange to meet at a cafe terrace. 

See also the section on churches and ceremonies. 

Walks and Exercise

Individual exercise or leisurely walks to be undertaken within 1km of home (and within the same municipality if the border is less than 1km)

The time slots remain as they were in Phase 0. 

  • Adults & Youths 14 and over, 6am to 10am and 8pm to 11pm
  • Adults Aged 70 and over & people requiring assistance, 10am to 12 noon and 7pm-8pm. 
  • Children aged up to and including 13 years, accompanied by 1 adult, 12noon-7pm. 

Bars & Cafes

Bars, cafes and restaurants may open their outdoor terraces with a 50% of normal capacity restriction. There is also a restriction of a maximum of 10 people per table.

Note that these establishments can be visited anytime during their open hours, the time slot restrictions on walking for exercise do not apply. 

It is permitted to travel to bars and cafes in other areas of the island by car, but as best as we can ascertain (and this is a fuzzy issue), you can only walk to a bar of cafe within the 1km radius of your own municipality.

Shops & Markets

All shops up to 400 square metres, not just those deemed to provide essential services, may open, providing they restrict customers to 30% of capacity and observe precautionary protocols. 

Outdoor markets may recommence however they must observe extra distancing between stalls and regulate the number of customers to 30% of capacity. 

You are able to travel to shops outside of your municipality where the product or service is not available within your own municipality (another fuzzy area)

Cars & Motorcycles


All members of the same household may use a car without any restrictions regarding seating, e.g. a 5 seat hatchback can carry 5 people from the same household, an 8 seat people carrier could carry 8 people from the same household.

For travel of people not from the same household the limit is for two people wearing masks per row of seats. e.g. in the 5 seat hatchback the max would be four people, in the 8 seat people carrier it would be 6 people.  


It is permitted for 2 people to ride a moto, however they must use full face helmets with their visors down. 

Public Transport

On buses the seats immediately behind the driver must be left clear. On all other seats every other seat must be left unoccupied, and all travellers must wear masks. 

Churches & Ceremonies

Churches may open with one third of their normal capacity. 

Funerals and wakes may be held with up to 10 people indoors or up to 15 people outdoors. 

Culture & Arts

Museums can open with up to one third of normal capacity, and only by prior appointment. 

Events with seated spectators may recommence with a maximum of 30 attendees indoors or up to 200 outdoors. Social distancing must be maintained in either situation.


Tourist accommodation may open for visitors, but the common areas must be kept closed. It is also important to remember that though the hotels may open, this in no way reduces the level of embargo on visitors travelling to Ibiza, which aside from Balearic residents is effectively as total bar. 


Sailing or sports with your own boat is allowed even if the boat is in a port in another municipality. We assume this must be an allowance over and above the 1 hour maximum for sport, but we have not seen a directive confirming the point.