This guide provides quick information on available resources around the island. 

Food deliveries, pharmacies, shops, and other resources and essentials. 

Note: The provision of services by our local supporting advertisers shown on this page may be affected during the coronavirus crisis.

The information will vary from a simple link, to a full description. It will be extending constantly, so please bookmark and check back periodically. 

Our main Ibiza Covid-19 article includes all important information and facts, from reliable sources, regarding the state of alarm in Ibiza. This resources guide is NOT fully fact checked and with things changing so quickly there may be gaps and errors. Please make sensible checks yourself before relying upon any of the information contained.

Please help us extend the scope by forwarding your own knowledge of available island resources. If you wish to add or extend your own business entry, please send a paragraph or two explaining what you are offering (in a ready to cut and paste format – to save us time). Send information to

Key Sections

  • Pharmacies & Out of Hours Pharmacies
  • Food Delivery Services and Restaurants
  • Shops & Online Grocery Shopping
  • Buses & Taxis
  • Post Offices
  • Home Essentials – Gas Bottles, Water, Firewood etc
  • Care Essentials – Vets, Dentists, Hairdressing (elderly & infirm) etc


Pharmacies are open and are an allowed reason to leave your home. Our article here shows you how to easily find out which pharmacies are open in your area, including night time out of hours pharmacies. 

Note that during the state of alarm all existing prescriptions will be automatically renewed for a period of 2 months – you do not need to go to the health centre for a renewal.

Food Delivery Services and Restaurants


Just Eat – Food Para Llevar – All Areas*

International delivery portal offering familiar interface and for non-Spanish speakers the benefit of not needing to get involved on the phone. *The number of available restaurants varies hugely around the island – might not be an option for remote areas. 

Ibiza Runners – Prepared Food & Shopping – All Areas

“You name it we bring it” is the motto, which being Ibiza should give cause to some interesting requests in the season. Ibiza runners belongs in both the Restaurants section and the Shopping section. They deliver food for some of Ibiza Town’s trendiest restaurants and eateries, and offer shopping from the Bodega to Farmacia. Ibiza Runners serve the whole island, however those further away from the capital will want to be aware of their delivery pricing which ranges from a modest 5€ in and around Ibiza Town, through 5 delivery zones with the top one for deliveries 20km+ at a hefty 39€ – so an expensive option if all you want is a burger and chips in Cala Vadella. Orders over 150€ incur an additional 15% of the order charge on top of the delivery fee. 

Menu Del Dia – Listings – All Areas

menu del dia on the google app store

The menu del dia app is offering free listings to restaurants and food delivery venues through the state of alarm – you can order directly on the app or through their website here, and they are adding more restaurants all the time. Lovely stuff.  


Delivery radius varies considerably, so we have simply listed A-Z, you’ll need to check whether they cover your location. 

Amoro – Plant Based Food – Based San Rafael

“We want to help you to keep eating healthy and nutritious plant based food during these weeks of being locked in. Now – even more than ever – it’s important to keep moving and feed your body with all the good stuff!”

Ausonia – Pizza & More – Based Cala de Bou

BN3 – Fish & Chips & Sunday Roast – Based Cala de Bou

This from the hostess with the best-roast, Jo Stanley “Delivery from 4-8pm Fridays and Saturdays, fish and chips, battered sausage, steak pie, burgers, chicken burgers and pizzas. Sunday roasts delivery, lamb, chicken, beef, pork and a veggie option which can be full vegan also (full menu/descriptions available on website, however all subject to availability) (1pm-5pm). Delivering to port des torrent, Cala de bou and San Antonio. If unsure drop us a pin of your location and we can advise. Orders/queries through WhatsApp: +447568398739 or tel: 971804784, there are other ways to order that people might have used before, different phone numbers, Facebook/website, but with limited staff and one out delivering, we ask customers to use these numbers to ease the process. All queries out of hours please message +447568398739.”

Chickeria – Menu – Based Santa Gertrudis

It isn’t 100% clear on their facebook if they are open, but Charlie Chester says they are and that’s good enough for us until someone says otherwise. It’s all about the seasoning “Before we opened our first restaurant in Amsterdam, it took us months of experimenting to establish the right way to season our chickens. The marinade consists of more than 30 different herbs and spices. A perfectly balanced sauce to accompany your naturally grown chicken.”

Curry Palace – Indian Food – Based San Antonio/Cala de Bou

You know the drill

La Griferia – Mixed Spanish Menu – Based Playa d’en Bossa/Es Vive

Little India – Sri Lankan Food – Based Cala de Bou

We are unashamed fans – here is our review – reading will result in desire

Little India, Indian Restaurant Cala de Bou Ibiza, Review

La Pizzería de Puig den Valls – Pizza & More – Puig den Valls/Ibiza Town

“We inform that during the emergency period we will keep deliveries only at night, from 19 to 23 pm every day”

Mesa Ibiza – Sushi, Asian Fusion & Pizza – Based Cala Conte/Sant Josep

Sorry, their link keeps screwing the entire article up, so you’ll have to search for this one. 

Moos – Salads and More – Based Cala Llonga

“Salads and More” is the strap line, quite a lot more is the case. Moos are well established and regarded. In addition to their range of healthy meals they offer a selection of food packs – number 4 looks the nuts. May contain nuts. 

This from the web “We deliver throughout the island! And there is no minimum order in the following distribution areas: San Carlos / Es Canar / Cala Nova / Cala Llenya, Sant Eularia / Siesta / Cala Llonga / Roca Llisa, Jesus / Can Furnet, Marina Botafoch / Talamanca, Santa Gertrudis / San Lorenzo, Outside these delivery areas, the cost of the minimum order is € 40”

Nagai – Sushi – Based San Juan Road

“We operate our delivery service from 6pm – 10pm but you can place your order at any time. Please call +34 638314880 or +34 971807308 and we will be happy to receive your order. See the website menu or just ask for our recommendations.”

Panevino – Italian Deli – Location Unclear

Project Social – Lockdown Menu – Santa Eulalia

Project Social’s information is bang up to date as it is provided directly by James Parfitt, “Project Social will be delivering Wednesday to Sunday 7.30pm – 11pm via Zas (Pink Bikes) in and around Santa Eulalia. No money is involved, it is all done by online payments. We have scaled down the menu but added more to the drinks menu so you can enjoy your favourite IPA or Pale Ale at home with a burger. We look forward to being able to open the doors and let everyone in again, but until then have a delivery and enjoy Project Social in the comfort of your front room.”

S’essenci – Local & Ecological Products – Based Ibiza Town

Frankly we’re not 100% sure. There is very little on the facebook page and no info on a website, but if local and ecological produce is what you need, it has to be worth a look

The Boos – Gourmet Burgers & More – Based Es Vive/Ibiza Town

Burgers that are above and beyond – the menu is mental

Shops & Online Grocery Shopping

Online Delivery

Cervezas Ibosim – Craft Beer – All Areas

And finally some good news. If you have to stay in under lockdown there can be few ways to do it better than with a craft of Ibosim’s delicious brews to keep you company. This from our fermenting friends “Drink responsibly is a phrase we have already assumed in the collective unconscious but in the current circumstances acquires a new meaning. These days “drinking responsibly” means doing it at home alone or in the company of yours. And we like to see the bright side of things, we invite you to take advantage of this circumstance to take the time to enjoy calm and fully every drink. It’s a good time to look at things like beer color and scents, plus flavor, now that we don’t have that many distractions”. This from us; unlike many so claimed ‘Ibiza’ brands, Ibosim are the real deal. A quality product, beers that will impress the aficionado. 

Casa Delivery Ibiza – Groceries – All Areas

“Your Personal Online Supermarket” says the blurb. Casa delivery offer “Next day delivery on orders before 12:00 Noon, Orders and deliveries will be €5 if you are in the following location 07820. Other locations listed will be €10 with delivery slots. Minimum order value €70, however if you have any special needs please contact us and we will try to help you.”

Pachamama – Ecological and Granular Goods – All Areas

Think grains, pulses etc, but also detergents and many other bulk supplies. The website has a downloadable catalogue, and this is their round the island schedule (also quite a good idea in cutting down transport). “On Tuesdays we do the North route passing through Santa Ines, Sant Mateu, Sant Miquel, Sant Joan, Portinatx, Sant Carles, Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis and Sant Rafel. The distribution will be made between 12 and 3pm. On Thursdays it touches the southern route: Cala Conta, Tarida, Vadella, Es Cubells, Sant Jordi, Playa d’en Bossa, Eivissa and surroundings. The distribution will be made between 12 and 3pm. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6pm to 8pm we distribute around the town of Sant Josep and surroundings. If you live in the Bay, Sant Agusti, Cala Gracio, Can Coix, Ses Paisses or Sant Antoni pueblo, we take your order every day when you tell us! To know the delivery rates and the minimum purchase, do not hesitate to ask us!”

Thomas Green’s British Supermarket 

See the main entry for Thomas Green’s under the Shops section. 

Major Supermarkets

The online shopping sites of Eroski, Hiper and Mercadona are all still up and open, however delivery is so far in the future that it is unlikely to be of much help. As at 23rd march, Eroski are offering a 12 day lead time, Hiper 10 day, and we couldn’t actually book a slot on Mercadona. 

That said, the links are below as the situation is changing constantly so you may want to check for yourself and in your area. 


Supermarkets, Grocers, Butchers, Bakers, Newsagents, Tobacconists, Technology stores are all allowed to open and are permitted reasons to leave your home. That does not mean all are open, and those that are may have changed their hours. We recommend you check before you depart. If travelling to an independent store, a text or mail confirmation that they are open and so expecting your visit may serve as useful evidence of a valid trip to the police if questioned, but it is no guarantee. The advice remains always, if it isn’t essential, don’t do it. 

Overseas British Supermarket – San Antonio

Overseas are open on the reduced hours of 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, Sunday Closed. During the state of alarm they are accepting card payment only. (The website says they are open Sundays, but we’ll trust the facebook page to have more up to date information)

Thomas Green’s British Supermarket – San Antonio

Thomas Green’s are open the reduced hours of 10am to 2pm Monday to Saturday. Though we can’t find it right now, we are sure to have read earlier that they are requesting customers do wear protective gloves when going to the store. They also invite people to order online – and if you have not visited their website recently the online shopping has come on leaps and bounds with 474 products now available. Thomas Green’s have also put out a general offer of community assistance to anybody who needs help during the state of alarm “If anyone is stuck inside or otherwise unable to get to the shop, DO NOT HESITATE to call or message us and we will, as always, do everything we can to help.”, which is jolly nice of them. 

Buses & Taxis


For those that have not yet used the Ibiza Taxi app, we rate it highly as an easy and reliable way to use Ibiza’s taxis – in our experience at least, more reliable than the phone. 

Read our article here on the Taxi app and how to download it 

Ibiza Taxi App, Must Have Tech for 2019


Here is the reduced bus services timetable. All of the routes and schedules are below a short article explaining the reasons for the changes to the schedules. 

El Consell de Ibiza reduce las frecuencias de los autobuses en aplicación de las medidas para evitar la propagación del coronavirus Covid-19

Post Offices

Though there is some anecdotal evidence to the contrary, the majority view is that all Post Offices in Ibiza are open 9.30 to 12.30.  We advise you check first as have seen several comments saying various offices are closed.

Home – Gas Bottles, Water, Firewood etc

Gas Bottles

San Rafael  – Repsol Petrol Station

San Rafael – Spar Supermarket

San Agustin – Josmar (The Aprop by the School) 

Santa Eulalia – Petrol Station (appreciate clarification which one)


San Matau to Santa Gertrudis Road – Toni (clarification welcome)

Can Tomas (San Antonio) – Treballs call 630918782

More welcome


San Rafael Agua (by the petrol station)

Care – Vets, Dentists, Hairdressing etc


Ibiza Town – Vara de rey 22

Vara de Rey 22 are operating an emergency service. Here is our review which will tell you everything you need to know about this native English speaking dental practice. 

Vara de Rey 22, English Speaking Ibiza Dentists & Facial Aesthetics


It seems most vets are open on a ‘by appointment’ basis – we’ll add some offices here shortly. 

Hairdressing (for the elderly/infirm only)

No information yet available.