The representative association of Ibiza’s premium leisure sector businesses, la Asociación Ocio de Ibiza, have published a report claiming that the tourist who comes to Ibiza for its music spends twice that of an entire family group.

The report was introduced at a meeting held by the association yesterday and reported in the Diario de Ibiza. “The spend of the musical tourist is related to people of high purchasing power. It is supposed to double the expenditure made by an entire average family who visit Ibiza for sun and beach tourism” is a stated finding of the document signed by Carles Manera, Professor of Economic History at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), and Vanessa Roselló, with a degree in Economics and a Master in Business Administration.

The leisure association said that the findings highlighted the importance to the Ibiza economy of their member businesses, many of who have been under fire in recent years as the island has sought to reduce party tourism in favour of types the report says generate far less income.

Statistics demonstrating the high level of employment and tourist spending reliant on their sector demonstrate, they say, that the leisure sector should be encouraged to develop and not be regulated into restriction.

They divide their membership into 3 groups. Nightclubs and Casinos, ‘Disco’ Hotels, and beach Clubs. The association says all sectors have expanded significantly in recent years, and outstrip the importance to the economy of the other Balearic islands.

The association said that expansion must be handled carefully, stating that “more golf courses and luxury yacht moorings are likely to cause conflict”, but that an objective should be to extend the clubbing season, thereby removing the flights and accommodation capacity bottlenecks of the high season.

An acknowledgement was given that the substantial earnings of some parties including David Guetta and Erick Morrillo, are not recorded in local income figures as they are managed entirely as foreign companies.

Editorial Comment

Though the report comes with impressive accreditation, any report issued by any organisation where the subject matter is an analysis of its own self interests must be received with some reserve.

For my part, I am a little confused exactly who they are talking about. They talk about the tourists who come to Ibiza for the music as being a distinct group, i.e. the clubbers. But then also talk about this sector needing more golf courses and a place to park their superyachts. I haven’t yet met a young scally in scouse week saying Ibiza was OK, but lacking on options of where to tee off in the morning.

In reality I think this report is not talking so much about clubbing tourists as wealthy tourists, who happen to frequent clubs. Quite a different thing.

For our younger clubbers, far from such high roller facilities as marinas and golf courses, I think a simple approach of offering a warm welcome and the knowledge that their tourist money is appreciated would be quite enough.