Ibiza Brit Says Cocaine Debt Forced Him Into Smuggling

A 38 year old Briton who lives “most of the time” in Ibiza, has been caught smuggling 4kg of near pure cocaine through British Customs in Portsmouth. 

Christopher Gillies was caught by agents of UK Border Force on November 25th 2019. They found the cocaine stashed inside two specially made secret compartments of his car in what they termed a “sophisticated operation”. 

Reporting in Portsmouth’s ‘The News’, Crown Court prosecutor Tom Wright said Gillies has admitted to the crime, though said he was unaware of the quantity of the drug seized. 

Wright said Gillies had refused to say where he lived in the UK, and refused to provide the PIN of one of his mobile phones, though Police were able to inspect another mobile phone which “provided evidence of drug dealing activity in Ibiza”.

Defending Gillies, Daniel Reilly said “He was not part of the process of putting the drugs into the car. He was aware it was cocaine. He was aware he was bringing across class A drugs.”

Gillies claimed he had a ‘significant’ cocaine debt over a ‘significant period of time’ owed to the people who asked him to smuggle the drug.

Reilly added “He says with the benefit of hindsight, he could see they were happy to let the debt reach a level where it was wholly unrealistic for him to pay the debt off in any other way than the position that they put him in.
He also says that ‘I would not have done this had I not genuinely believed the threats’ that were being made to him. He says that he was in fear and they were serious individuals who where being serious with him when they were asking him to perform this function in order to clear this debt.”

Prosecutor Wright added “This is a case in its infancy. It’s clear that there would have been other parties involved.”

Gillies was refused bail. Judge Timothy Mousley QC adjourned the case for sentencing on January 17.