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Restaurant Receives 10,000€ Fine For Beach Wedding

The San Jose City Council has filed a fine of 10,000€ to the restaurant that last summer organised a wedding on the beach in Cala Vadella, installing several elements on the sand, such as chairs and tables, without authorisation.

The event happened on July 29, 2016, when an unnamed restaurant occupied part of the beach for the celebration of this event, committing a very serious violation of Law 7/20, of Legal Regime of Facilities, Access and Exercise of activities of the Balearic Islands.

In a statement issued by the Council it is inferred, but not stated categorically, that the restaurant was one of those in Cala Vadella with a beach front location.

The Local Police denounced this illegal occupation of the beach, which prompted the opening of a sanctioning file against the restaurant for a very serious violation of Article 104.2 – ‘the installation of major non-permanent activities and major itinerant activities, which have not been submitted prior notice, the responsible statement or the attached documentation that must be presented before the administration’.

the dream ibiza beach wedding – popular, but prohibited, (stock photo)

San Jose have blanket ban on private functions on public beaches

San Jose Council also reported that they will continue to prevent new situations of abuse and privatisation of public space and that the installation of elements on the beach without authorisation, such as tables, chairs, gazebos or others, is prohibited.

They will also not grant permits to organise weddings or other events of a private nature on the beaches of the municipality.

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