The council of Ibiza has acquired an Ibizan hound sculpture created by Andres Moreno and painted by Maurizio Boscheri.

03/11/2016 Nick Gibbs 

Ibiza Consell has acquired a sculpture of a native Podenco hound for the institution’s Ibiza art collection.
The sculpture was created by Andrew Brown and has been interpreted by different artists. The specific sculpture purchased by the Consell is that painted by Maurizio Boscheri.
The sculpture has been used in the recent Fashion Adlib 2016.
Purchased at a cost of 10,000 euros, of which the gallery P | Art have donated 15% to Ibiza’s School of Arts.
The Second Vice-President and Minister of Interior, Commerce, Industry and Institutional Relations, Marta Diaz, today received the sculpture which was presented by P ASrt Gallery head Patrizia Longarini.
The work can be seen on display in the headquarters of Ibiza Consell. It will also be used for further promotional work at Adlib events as a symbol of Ibiza’s creativity.
And so you know how to introduce yourself, the Podenco has been named ‘Daphne’
  • Another in the same series of sculptures will be on display at Ibiza’s stand during the London WTM travel fair this weekend. Read more here ibiza tourism london 2016


Ibiza Art; Consell Buys Podenco Sculpture 'Daphne' for 10,000€
Ibiza Art; Consell Buys Podenco Sculpture 'Daphne' for 10,000€