Blabdog, your new best friend in Ibiza …

  • The new Blabdog Ibiza app for Android and iOS is pioneering the latest in location-based technology for Ibiza lovers.
  • Editor: Our thanks to the good people at Blabdog for their advertising support, and particularly to well known Ibiza resident and Blabdog director, Sara Altman, for taking the time to tell us all about it.


  • Sara Altman, Blabdog

The Blabdog Ibiza app will become your local best friend, hunting down amazing offers and providing easy multi-lingual access to the best local businesses and services on Ibiza. Ready to search on command around you, Blabdog fetches e-tickets, gets you free stuff, discounts and makes reservations at Ibiza’s coolest places. Blabdog will soon be able to arrange deliveries to your exact location. It protects your payments, and earns you rewards along the way.

Blabdog learns about the things you love the more you use it. From free gifts, discounts and offers all over the island, Blabdog users can expect to save money at many of the hottest venues across Ibiza, using the navigation system to find the quickest route there.

Blabdog is partnering with many of Ibiza’s best clubs and boat parties for seamless e-ticketing – there’s no need to pre-print or collect tickets for many events, just show your phone on entry. This instant secure e-ticketing technology means you can grab last minute and late entry deals on tickets around the island too. For the clubs that have yet to accept e-ticketing, tickets can be pre-ordered and collected from authorized locations across the island.

For those that like to enjoy Ibiza in style, Blabdog will soon become your own personal concierge in the palm of your hand. Whether you want a massage at your villa, private yacht rental, restaurant reservations or VIP club tables, you can quickly arrange everything using the app.

With no set up fees for businesses and new restrictions on promotion across the island, more and more of Ibiza’s best venues are jumping on this new Ibiza app every day, helping them communicate with Ibiza’s ever-growing number of international visitors and residents. Ibiza Rocks, Ocean Beach Club, STK Ibiza, Eden, Es Paradis, Oceanbeat, Lost in Ibiza, Musset, Mumak, Kumharas, Nude Café, IbizaMed Yachting, Ocean Mania, Emove, ActiveDive are just a few of the businesses to already be partnering up with Blabdog. So download it now and watch, as every day new deals start to appear across the island.

Blabdog Bones

Many Blabdog offers earn Reward Bones, loyalty points that can be used to purchase even more free stuff during your stay. For residents or regular visitors, the Reward Bones last forever in case you want to save them up for something really special.

Blabdog is one of the first mobile information technologies services in Ibiza to communicate in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. With EU roaming charges now abolished, visitors to Ibiza from the EU can use data roaming without fear of racking up their bills, using just their standard local data usage.

The Blabdog Ibiza app looks set to revolutionise the island this year. And best of all, it’s free… you’d have to be barking mad not to get it…