Ibiza Airport Security Staff Confirm Indefinite Strike from July 20th

  • Ibiza Airport security staff have confirmed an indefinite strike from July 20th. They have apologised to airport users for the affects of the strike action.

After an arbitration meeting lasting four hours with officials of the current Ibiza airport security concession holder, Trablisa, workers emerged saying that the company “did not want to negotiate” and instead had attempted to have the strike declared illegal. The affected staff, represented by the  CCOO Federation of Construction and Services union, said that Trablisa came to “scare and pressure”.

The strike follows eight days of action taken by the security staff in 2017.

Apologies to the Users

Security personnel have apologized to users, stating that “the current unacceptable working conditions affects security,” quoting by example occasions where staff are expected to work 16 hour shifts for 4 consecutive days.

In addition to long working shifts, other claims include Trablisa not paying bonuses to casual staff, a lack of organisation staff, and constant changes to shift patterns.

A spokesperson for the Federation of Construction and Services of the Balearic Islands, CCOO, said that Trablisa “has pushed the working conditions of the security and surveillance service of the airport of Ibiza to unacceptable limits”. The Union also detailed practices of Trablisa that they say are discriminatory to female staff, including a lack of pay and bonus parity.  “It is incomprehensible and shameful that a company like Aena, which generates multi-million-dollar benefits, allows the workers of their subcontractors to suffer these appalling conditions”, said the CCOO.

There is no information yet made public from airport operators AENA as to expected consequences of the strike, or likely delays to passenger transit through the airport.

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