Ibiza Airport Cleaner’s Strike Ends, Back to Work Tuesday

  • Aena and cleaning contractor KLE reach an agreement to pay two of the payrolls that are owed to the workers
  • Cleaners vote to return to work 7.30am Tuesday morning

Tuesday 23rd May, 0:12a.m. Nick Gibbs

Ibiza airport’s cleaning workers to end their strike action and return to work with immediate effect. The decision was taken by a majority vote at a union meeting Monday night.

Their decision is taken following guarantees of payments of wages owed to them for the last 4 months.

Airport operators, the state owned AENA group held a meeting with private cleaning company KLE in Palma, where it was agreed that wages owed for April and May would be paid to workers ‘this week’. This agreement was confirmed by Miguel Pardo, General Secretary of the staff union CCOO.

photo vicent mari

The remaining wages due will be paid to workers under a scheme known as Fogasa, the wage guarantee fund. This backdated pay will be made as soon as possible and it is understood all required documentation has been submitted, meaning that payments can be made without the delay necessary of taking the case through the law courts.

A spokesperson for the cleaners said they would be returning to work from 7.30 a.m. Tuesday morning, though it will inevitably take some time to return the airport to normal standards of cleanliness.

Ed: Well done the cleaners, dignity & determination, I think we will all view you a little differently in future.

A tune in your honour – I never knew the Bee Gees covered it, that’s mental.

“Now ere’s a little story,
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