Route 26

The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package

What Is It?

A half year / 26 week digital advertising campaign bundle. 

Targeting Ibiza residents, businesses & visitors.

Route 26 features are summarised here and detailed fully later in the article.

Bundle Price : 20€ Per Week : 520€ Total

The bundled price represents a saving of 870€ on the total price of 1,390€ if all features were purchased separately. Values of features are shown below. Where a feature is not available for  separate purchase we have applied a modest nominal value.  
  • 20,000 Premium Banner Adverts

    1st & 4th paragraph of our news & blog articles.

    Value : 350€

  • Sidebar Adverts

    Ensuring your advert is served to every visitor

    Value : 400€

  • Editorial

    Business editorial article or review.

    Value : 250€

  • Designated Links

    To website, Facebook, or any URL.

    Value : Standard

  • S.E.O.

    Article search engine optimisation.

    Value : 150€

  • Social Media

    Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google & RSS

    Value : 100€ nominal

  • Design

    Advert design and optimisation.

    Value : 40€

  • Agenda Priority

    Priority content listing with links

    Value : 50€ nominal

  • Christmas & Fiestas

    Priority content listing with links

    Value : 50€ nominal

Who Is It For?

Businesses looking to reach the following groups. 

  • Ibiza residents. 
  • Ibiza workers & seasonal visitors.
  • Ibiza businesses & businesses that trade with or operate in Ibiza.
  • Ibiza tourists & tourism organisations & operators. 
  • English speaking ex-pats in Ibiza, the Balearic Islands & Spain.
  • Global audience of those with a connection to or interest in ‘Brand Ibiza’.

When is it for?

This package is designed with the Winter months in mind, but it can be started anytime. 

  • In most cases we can have the plan up and running within 24 hours of order. 
  • The plan duration is a half year / 26 weeks.
  • Closing for Vacations? Many Ibiza hospitality businesses close for an extended vacation over the winter months. No problem, we are happy to suspend the programme for the duration of your closure.

How much does it cost?

20€ a week. 520€ for the 26 week run. Pretty good right? There is no catch, we can keep the cost low for two reasons.

  • First, the bundled package. If purchased individually the included features would cost considerably more.
  • Second, we need advertisers to embrace the benefits of digital advertising as an important part of their marketing strategy. Keeping the cost low helps to get the love affair off to a good start.

The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package

Which Way Now?

For more detailed information on the Route 26 plan features continue reading this article. 

If you have already taken a decision these links may be useful. 

The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package

Route 26 ~ Dig Deeper

All elements and features explained in detail

Information For New Customers

Banner Ads

Everything you didn’t think you need to know about banner adverts.

  • What are banner adverts?
  • Pros & cons of banner advertising.
  • Essential banner dos & don’ts.
  • Who sees our banner advertising?
  • Measuring the effectiveness of banner adverts.
  • Advanced targeting options, including geo-location & content type.

Reach & Readers

The numbers game. Key information on the all important figures, our reach & readers.

  • Who they are
  • Where they are
  • How many there are
  • How we reach them
  • What they read
  • When they read
  • Everything you need for confidence in an effective use of your advertising budget. 

About The Ibizan

Information on The Ibizan Newspaper now & in its previous incarnation as The Ibiza Sun.

  • The newspaper from 1999 to present.
  • Editors & editorial policy.
  • The Ibizan online. Our digital development. 
  • Where we are at. Annual report.
  • Hold the front page. Editor’s picks.
  • Other information to be filed everywhere from useful and interesting to useless and frivolous.

Route 26 Plan Features

20,000 Premium Position Banner Adverts

Banner Ads In Action

A selection of recent banner ads representing a broad range of clients in the hospitality sector, and business services. 

Note: The change of advert every few seconds is for display purposes only. Within the content we show a single static advert for each new visitor.

The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package

The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package
The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package
The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package
The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package
The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package
The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package
The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package
The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package

“Banner Adverts are a key component of any advertising campaign strategy. Well placed banner ads give an excellent return on investment. Poorly planned placement may do little more than reduce your bank balance”

Location, Location, Location

  • In our printed newspaper the front page commands the highest price for advertising. Yet the front page is the most sought after position, with demand routinely exceeding availability.  
  • Why? Because it is widely recognised that the front page gets the most reader attention. It is a premium position and commands a premium price. 
  • Exactly the same principle applies to digital advertising. The banner adverts included in this plan are the website equal of the printed newspaper front page. 
  • As with so much that affects commercial success, it is all about location, location, location. 

Quality over Quantity.

  • Do not be fooled by the meaningless big numbers presented by some online advertising channels.
  • If a website has 1 million visitors, and you are buying 20,000 adverts, 980,000 of their visitors are an irrelevance to you. 
  • Your concern is that your 20,000 ads are seen by the right people. Why should you care about the other 980,000 who won’t see your ads anyway? 
  • It is easy to be blinded by a website quoting huge visitor numbers. Or by Google, Facebook and Co with their global reach of millions. In banner ads none of that matters, in fact it could prove completely counter productive to your best interests.  
  • Click below for our take on avoiding the hype, and getting to what really matters.

``From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads``

  • Our job is to get your ads in front of Ibiza people, which is fortunate because we are rather good at it, and you would expect us to be – because we have been doing that and only that for a long time. 
  • Where Ibiza differs to a newspaper in the Uk for example, is that whereas the Halifax Herald or the Lowestoft Leader would be doing 99% of their business within a few miles radius of their base, the global success story that is ‘brand Ibiza’ means we are reaching out far further afield, quite literally globally. 
  • Our readers and reach information breaks down the numbers of our very special audience. The Ibizan advertising and promotion puts you in front of … 
  • Ibiza residents, Ibiza workers, Ibiza seasonal visitors. Ibiza businesses and those that do business with Ibiza. Ibiza tourists, tourism organisations and operators, and all those around the world, but mainly Britain, Ireland and Spain, who have a connection with the unique location that is ‘Brand Ibiza’.”

Business Review or Editorial Article

You Say, We Convey

  • The Business Review or Editorial Article is all about what you want to say. Our job is to help find the best way to say it. 
  • Here we give an insight to two of our most frequent features, hospitality and technical/service. These are typical examples, but the features are by no means restricted to these formats.
  • Think of it as your space. What you need to say, we will convey. 


  • For restaurants and those in the hospitality sector, this is often accomplished through a review. Good food and drink will always work well visually. Add some well chosen words and we can have our readers’ mouths watering. 
  • We think we’re pretty good at restaurant reviews. You can see for yourself with some examples below. 
  • We are happy to throw in the photos too if you can make use of them – another bonus.


  • For businesses in other sectors it is often a case of a general overview of the company and what it does. 
  • Sounds simple when you say it quickly, but putting over a business in a way that is engaging is something of an art in itself. 
  • A good example is technical businesses. We often find that the company’s own information will be way too technical for their customers’ needs. Full of jargon and frankly too much information. 
  • In those cases our job is to strip in back and get it into a person-on-the-street friendly format. You will see an example or two in the reviews shown below. 

Other Features & Benefits

Designated Links

An important benefit of online banners is the ability to add a click/tap thru link to a website, landing page, social media, or any other nominated URL.

This allows you to maximise the advert impact with a clean and bold design, leaving the reader to come to your chosen online link to find out the details of your business or special offer.

Another great advantage in links is the ability to monitor clicks and so gauge response. We will provide you with the numbers, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Those with the technical know-how can see themselves via Google analytics.

See all about banner ads for a client case history showing proven results.

Search Engine Optimisation

The undersung hero of our advertising plans, we take the time to ensure your editorial article gets scores top marks from S.E.O. royalty Yoast, the market leaders who sit next to Google at the top table of internet search. 

If a job is worth doing it is worth doing right. A cliche, but apt. We have to concede that until now very few of our advertising clients would consider search engine optimisation as a key factor in their advertising programme, but by taking the time to do it right we add a whole new benefit to your spend. 

To the untrained eye, a search engine optimised editorial article may seem no different to a regular text. However, by fulfilling Google’s  technical and stylistic desires we extend the shelf life of the article from days to years. 

Without search engine optimisation the article is likely to achieve 95% of its total readership in the first few days of release. In this period it is fresh on our homepage, shared out through our social media, and distributed to our subscribers. 

With search engine optimisation it will still receive all the same initial interest, but also be listed high in search by Google ongoing. 

But high is not good enough. The vast majority of user searches do not go past page 1 and so that is our aim. We achieve that consistently, and have reached the top of page 1 regularly. 

This is particularly beneficial for businesses who do not have their own S.E.O. strategy in place. 

We’re brilliant at it, so you don’t need to be. 


Included in the Promotional Plan we will design your advert for you. We will ensure your advert achieves its maximum impact in combining strong branding with a clear message.

All we need is your logo and any other content elements, all of which can be uploaded via our online booking form, or for techno-phobes we can take care of everything for you.

The message is an important part of the design and will be agreed in discussion with you regarding your objectives. Some businesses may want to promote a particular offer, others their location and hours. For some the objective may be a more abstract concept of aspiration or style.

Whatever the objective of the advert, an important benefit of online banners is the ability to add a click/tap thru link to a website, landing page, social media, or any other nominated URL.

Larger clients with in-house designer resources may wish to submit their own artwork ready to roll. The specification for our most common banner adverts is 300px wide x 250px high. Files should be optimised for online use to Google’s recommended maximum 16kb. 


Everybody values their friends, and the Ibizan is no exception. 

We are Ibiza’s only legally constituted English language newspaper and online news media service. Our registration number on the Spanish newspaper Deposito Legal is 1-303-1999. Others may come and go, but none can put that on their masthead, and none have almost two decades of publishing behind them, and these things do make a difference. 

As an official newspaper we receive all official public communications and announcements, and we are supported by the Diario de Ibiza who allow us access to use their content and photography when needed. 

The Ibizan takes pride in the integrity of its content, its credibility as a newspaper, and the loyalty of its readers built over two decades of publishing. 

Your advertising is the funding that enables the news service. Our readers know that and value your support. Your advertising reaches them through our social media network and also our awesome subscriber base. 

The Ibizan subscriber Breakfast Briefing achieves a click rate of 27.1% – that is 8 times, worth repeating, 8 times the industry average of 3.5%. We’re pretty proud of that, and if we could tell you the names of some of our subscribers …, but of course we can’t so we’ll have to leave that there :-)

Agenda Priority

The Ibizan Agenda is an important and successful section of the print newspaper and now our online form.

We publish a regular round up of events and activities around Ibiza and Formentera, aiming to include something for everybody. From nightclubs to family fun, art exhibitions to music festivals, public, private and charity events, we’ve got the lot, and that’s the way we like it.

Our supporting advertisers can expect preferential treatment in our events articles. Typically this will include prominent positioning, stronger typeface, additional images, additional content, and most importantly links to ticket selling or more information locations.

We also publish articles on individual events, both by our own interest and by client request. If you have something big or interesting happening, tell us about it and we will get it out there.

Christmas & Fiestas Priority

As with our agenda listings and articles, our supporting client advertisers will be given display prominence for any inclusion in special occasion and fiesta articles.

Typically we will publish articles on Christmas, New Year, Kings, Valentines, Easter, and British, Irish and Spanish public holidays and fiestas.

The Ibizan 'Route 26' Winter Advertising & Promotion Package

Route 26 ~ End Of The Road

That brings us to the end of our information on the Route 26 plan.

Below you can choose to view alternative advertising options, proceed to make a booking, or contact us with your questions. 

Thank you for your interest. 

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More Information

If you have further questions please contact us.

Telephone +34 638923119 or email via the link below.

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What has this advertising plan got to do with an old American car? Nothing really. The plan needed a name and, being 26 weeks duration going from one season to the next, Route 26 came into my head.
One idea prompted another, as it seemed a good excuse to use some photos of my beloved 1967 Buick LeSabre taken by photographer Jos Kottmann. He used the car as a prop in a fashion brand photo shoot on Ibiza’s South Eastern coast.
All a bit tenuous, but if you came back to our website in the future looking for it, I bet you’ll remember which one it is. So you could look at it as an example of branding. A strong design subliminally registered that prompts later recall. Or you could just look at it as Ibizan Editor Nick Gibbs getting a chance to show off his old car. Both would be an appropriate response.  

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