Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

'Todo el Año', Special Advertising Promotion for All Year Business

What Is It?

A full year print & digital advertising campaign bundle. 

Targeting Ibiza residents, businesses & visitors.

Bundle Price : 28€ Per Week : 1,456€ Total

The bundled price represents a saving of 1706€ on the total price of 3,162€ if all features were purchased separately. Values of features are shown below. Where a feature is not available for  separate purchase we have applied a modest nominal value.  
  • Print Adverts

    4 Mod Print Adverts in Every Newspaper Edition

    Value : 1,422€

  • 50,000 Premium Banner Adverts

    1st & 4th paragraph of our news & blog articles.

    Value : 675€

  • 50,000 Sidebar Banner Adverts

    Local advertiser display

    Value : 325€

  • Editorial

    Business editorial article or review.

    Value : 450€

  • Designated Links

    To website, Facebook, or any URL.

    Value : Standard

  • S.E.O.

    Article search engine optimisation.

    Value : 150€

  • Social Media

    Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google & RSS

    Value : 100€ nominal

  • Design

    Advert design and optimisation.

    Value : 40€

  • Agenda Priority

    Priority content listing with links

    Value : 50€ nominal

Who Is It For?

Businesses looking to reach the following groups. 

  • Ibiza residents. 
  • Ibiza workers & seasonal visitors.
  • Ibiza businesses & businesses that trade with or operate in Ibiza.
  • Ibiza tourists & tourism organisations & operators. 
  • English speaking ex-pats in Ibiza, the Balearic Islands & Spain.
  • Global audience of those with a connection to or interest in ‘Brand Ibiza’.

When is it for?

As the name suggests, this is our package aimed at all year advertising.  

  • In most cases we can have the plan up and running within 24 hours of order. 
  • The plan duration is a full year / 52 weeks.

How much does it cost?

  • 28€ a week. 1,456€ for the full year. Pretty good right?
  • There is no catch, we can keep the bundled package cost low. 
  • If purchased individually the included features would cost considerably more.

Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

Information For New Customers

About The Ibizan

Information on The Ibizan Newspaper now & in its previous incarnation as The Ibiza Sun.

  • The newspaper from 1999 to present.
  • Editors & editorial policy.
  • The Ibizan online. Our digital development. 
  • Where we are at. Annual report.
  • Hold the front page. Editor’s picks.
  • Other information to be filed everywhere from useful and interesting to useless and frivolous.

Reach & Readers

The numbers game. Key information on the all important figures, our reach & readers.

  • Who they are
  • Where they are
  • How many there are
  • How we reach them
  • What they read
  • When they read
  • Everything you need for confidence in an effective use of your advertising budget. 

Banner Ads

Everything you didn’t think you need to know about banner adverts.

  • What are banner adverts?
  • Pros & cons of banner advertising.
  • Essential banner dos & don’ts.
  • Who sees our banner advertising?
  • Measuring the effectiveness of banner adverts.
  • Advanced targeting options, including geo-location & content type.

Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card


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