Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

Make a Splash! Double Page Spread & Online Article Promotion Package

What Is It?

Double page spread in the printed newspaper.

One full page colour advert, one page mono editorial article.

Plus website editorial article with social media & subscriber shares.   

Bundle Price : 1,000€ Total

The bundled price represents a saving of 610€ on the total price of 1,610€ if all features were purchased separately. Values of features are shown below. 
  • Full Page Print Advert

    30 Mod Print Advert with Colour Guaranteed

    Value : 820€

  • Print Editorial

    Full page business editorial article or review.

    Value : 450€

  • Online Editorial

    Online version of editorial article, search engine optimisation, subscriber list sharing, social media sharing.

    Value : 340€

Who Is It For?

Businesses looking to reach the following groups. 

  • Ibiza residents. 
  • Ibiza workers & seasonal visitors.
  • Ibiza businesses & businesses that trade with or operate in Ibiza.
  • Ibiza tourists & tourism organisations & operators. 
  • English speaking ex-pats in Ibiza, the Balearic Islands & Spain.
  • Global audience of those with a connection to or interest in ‘Brand Ibiza’.

When is it for?

It can be undertaken anytime during our April to October print run.  

  • In most cases we can have the plan up and running within 1 week, though this is subject to space availability. The earlier the booking, the more options we can offer.

How much does it cost?

  • Simple one off cost of 1,000€
  • The price excludes iva at 21%
  • If purchased individually the included features would cost considerably more.

Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

Information For New Customers

About The Ibizan

Information on The Ibizan Newspaper now & in its previous incarnation as The Ibiza Sun.

  • The newspaper from 1999 to present.
  • Editors & editorial policy.
  • The Ibizan online. Our digital development. 
  • Where we are at. Annual report.
  • Hold the front page. Editor’s picks.
  • Other information to be filed everywhere from useful and interesting to useless and frivolous.

Reach & Readers

The numbers game. Key information on the all important figures, our reach & readers.

  • Who they are
  • Where they are
  • How many there are
  • How we reach them
  • What they read
  • When they read
  • Everything you need for confidence in an effective use of your advertising budget. 

Banner Ads

Everything you didn’t think you need to know about banner adverts.

  • What are banner adverts?
  • Pros & cons of banner advertising.
  • Essential banner dos & don’ts.
  • Who sees our banner advertising?
  • Measuring the effectiveness of banner adverts.
  • Advanced targeting options, including geo-location & content type.

Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card


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