Platinum & Gold, The Total Ibiza Advertising Campaign Solution

ibiza advertising campaign

Traditionally our most popular packages, the Ibizan’s Gold & Platinum plans offer a total Ibiza Advertising Campaign solution.

Combining adverts in print and online, editorial articles, web articles, social media sharing, and a new addition, website banner adverts. At no additional cost we have included a bundle of 10,000 banner adverts with prime positioning after the 4th paragraph of our website news-feed. Also new, we have added free agenda events listings and a location map pin.  

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Both Platinum and Gold have the same great features. The only difference is the positioning, with platinum on the front page, and gold inside.

Platinum & Gold Plan Features …

Print Advert

24 weeks x 80mm x 100mm advert (one third page width).

Page Positioning

Platinum on the front page, Gold can choose from any of our special feature pages, including food & drink, shebizan and at night.

Online Edition

Your advert is repeated in the online edition, doubling the exposure.

Editorial Articles

2 full editorial articles or reviews

Website Articles

Your editorial articles also appear on our website

Social Media Sharing

We share your articles through The Ibizan’s social media

10,000 Banner Adverts – NEW

appearing after the 4th paragraph of our online news feed and linked to your website or social media page

Agenda Listings – NEW

Add your own agenda listings via our website calendar, and we also publish them in the newspaper

Map Location Pin – NEW

Take the guesswork out of readers finding you, we include a map location pin referenced in your advert


Despite the new additions, the price stays the same.

60€ x 24 for the Gold Plan.

120€ x 24 for Platinum.

Ibiza Advertising Campaign ~ More Information

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