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Ibiza Banner Advertising – Online Adverts with Flexibility, Control & Targeting

The Ibizan offers an ideal platform to reach all groups of Ibiza audience. Our traffic includes Ibiza’s permanent and seasonal residents, summer workers, tourists, and just about anybody with an interest in the globally recognised ‘brand Ibiza’.

Our banner advertising allows for a high level of customisation. These may be of particular interest to agencies and corporate buyers, however if online advertising methodology is not your business, we think sound advice is to not over-complicate things. If you select a standard package of banners, you can rely on us to let you know if we feel any of the customisation options could be beneficial to you.

The Basics

Banner adverts are sold on a bundle of impressions. An impression is only counted when the banner is actually seen by a visitor, it is not counted if the visitor aborts the visit before the banner has come into their view.

All banners are inserted into all articles, with the exception of ‘Obituaries’.

The frequency of any particular banner appearing depends on the number of banners currently active. When counted over a period of time, they will average out at around the same number of impressions, however there is the option to prioritise your banner to increase the ratio of impressions when it is important to get the message out quickly.

Banner Package Options


The lowest cost option and perfect for local businesses who want to keep their name in the public eye without breaking the bank.

Sidebar banners are seen by desktop users in all articles and most pages. They are served below the article for mobile users.


Our recommendation. In-Article injection is placed after paragraph 4, achieving the highest possible attention of our visitors.

Homepage and Sticky Sidebar

This larger format is ideal for advertisers who want to command real page presence. Offering a premium home page position, plus our sticky sidebar ensuring the banner stays in the viewport of all desktop readers throughout their view of every article, and attention-grabbing screen fill of mobile users scrolling beyond the foot of the article.

Customisation Examples

Geo-Targeting …

… could be a useful consideration for a tourist accommodation business wanting to reach people in the UK and Ireland (so before they reach Ibiza, by when they will have booked their accommodation)

Content Targeting …

… using our ‘living and working’ content group would definitely be worth considering for an estate agent or other property related business, but it needs to be considered carefully. For example, we would be far less likely to recommend a restaurant wanting to reach people reading about other food and drink related articles to narrow their audience by using our ‘night and day’ group. Just because somebody is reading an article on the latest tourist statistics it does not mean they are not interested in dining out!

Animation …

… certainly has a big impact. At present we are only serving animated banners to desktop users. Google wants all content served to mobile users to focus on speed over jazzy design – and we tend to agree.

Days of the Week …

… targeting could be an option for those wanting to promote events. Selecting to serve banners for a Saturday night event from Thursday to Saturday could give a much better return than if including the entire week.

If you want to discuss how our various customisation options could be best applied to your advertising objectives, please contact us.

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